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  1. I didn't report it. I figured I would mention it here first to see if it was just me. I'm relieved to read that you went though the same thing so that we know for sure there may be a potential issue somewhere. I don't have a problem staying with the old version but I recently paid to renew my software which includes the new updates. I fear that I might not be able to take advantage of the new versions because of the mentioned show quality issue. I can't use version 5 beta because it won't import my preview props correctly. I'm waiting on a fix for that so that I can move forward, granted
  2. So, might be my imagination but after trying the newest LOR suite and pixel editor I noticed that my intensity sequences appeared laggy, choppy, not smooth. After going back to version 4.3.18 and rendering the same show, they're now smooth again. I don't get it. Maybe too much coffee. In the past when the display appeared to freeze constantly, I would recreate the intensity file and it was back to normal. I would go outside, look at it and if it was freezing in parts of the show, I would go recreate the intensity file until it would playback normally and it would be good until I decided
  3. Same. Looking for a link for the banner signature. Was it a one time thing or photoshop? Nevermind, found it on another site
  4. Welcome, TOR! Please get S5 released for us!
  5. I had a great season with the lights! It was a ton of fun and plan on doing it again. Now, the pain of storing everything... Oh the headache.. don't wanna think about it. Where's my coffee. Happy New Year, folks!
  6. I use 90 degree cat6 where needed. You can buy different styles and lengths, of course. https://www.amazon.com/Tripp-Lite-Gigabit-Molded-N204-010-BL-DN/dp/B005WKIR44/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1514505287&sr=8-3&keywords=cat6+90+degree
  7. I'm looking for something like the G3-MP3 that can talk to my e1.31 devices and can play uncompressed WAV files. I only use Pixel Editor so it will need to play intensity files. I looked at the LOR controllers but I didn't see any that could do this. Thoughts??
  8. Disparky


    I run wireless DMX with the transmitter/receivers you listed with no issues or lag. You can build your own wireless setup with boards sold on Ebay or Amazon for a few bucks if you're interested in doing so. Do a search for wireless DMX boards. They're sold with the antennas. I think I paid $15 each for mine and they work the same as the XLR plug types. The boards will automatically transmit when they are given a DMX signal or receive when they hear a DMX transmission on the selected channel. Here's a link.. https://www.amazon.com/Lixada-Wireless-Controller-Transmitter-Receiver/dp/B
  9. Tried opening an S4 pixel editor show in S5. Supposed to look like this.. But looks like this.. Is there something I need to do to get this to open properly? I really like the new feel of S5 so I hope I can get this moved over without having to recreate and adjust the props. Thank you! ~Chris
  10. My attempt at icicles. Done to "Carnival of the Animals".
  11. Thanks, Matt! Your help in the past has helped me to do some awesome things with this.
  12. I believe that was due to the camera trying to focus.
  13. True. Possibly a piano type thing but in order to take full advantage, need to figure a way to assign each fence board to a midi note and automate the programming process. Having to draw in each .05 square box for each note being played is giving me a headache. I wish this software were more like the Gilderfluke PCMACS or Weigl ConductorPro where things can be programmed in real time all together using a Mackie MCU, keyboard, joystick or any other input device. Pixel Editor reminds me of the old 90's Alcorn McBride Winscript. It get's it done though, albeit rather slowly. That fence tho
  14. Hi Jeff, Channels of DMX = 9,216 using three e1.31 Bridge boards from DIYexpress. Each universe of DMX is sent to a DMX to WS2811 converter board which talks to 150 pixels, so I have 12 of those scattered around. There are three 30A 12V power supplies, one for each e1.31 bridge or six universes of DMX. I get my lights off amazon, 500 of them for $138. I use the LOR software with Pixel Editor to create the data. From the PC I run to the router as a switch and then out a single cat6 to the first box which contains two of the DMX bridges and another network switch. This box feeds all t
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