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  1. So I have some older S4 sequences that I bought that has some pixel arch sequencing I would like to use in a new sequence. I did import/paste the pixel effects using the "Enable Channel Level on Pixel Prop" on 2 arches and they work. I'm wondering if there was a way to convert that back to a S5 ME so I don't have to expand/enable all 8 arches (@ 25 pixels ea)?
  2. Small LED flood on a sign/s about 18" X 24" is what I use. I did the lights 1 year but I did not care for it. I use coroplast it's light and easy to store but any board will work as long as you can read it. Secure it to a piece of rebar or fence post and you are good, don't over think it..... I can print my own outdoor stuff so it was easy for me. Any vinyl cutter or sign shop can do the lettering and supply the board and stake if needed.
  3. The first thing I would do is to upgrade to the Pro license. That will give you the ability to use and experiment with the Motion Effects before you integrate them into an existing sequence. The pixel tree does not need to run with every sequence, you can just add in some of the preset effects in S5 for some extra flair to the key points of the show. #1 yes #2 yes, that should work. With the preset motion effects in S5 you almost get instant gratification.
  4. I'm not 100% sure about your issue but my show laptop never goes to sleep. I just have the screen dim down after a certain amount of time, never had an issue. I'm sure it has something to do with the power settings.
  5. You might have to improvise with the incan lights for this year. I'm in the upstate and have some extra's NIB I can spare if you are interested. I'll have to go in and look depending on the colors you are after.
  6. click the little plus to the left of the Motion Effects. You should then have a Black row you can add your Motions Effects to. That just shows the condensed ME props
  7. Yup, just snip em' off and cover the wires with something to keep water out.
  8. Assuming they are smart pixels look at the 4th post, this is what I do.....
  9. Yes it should work, as long as you have 12v pixels and the power supply is 12v your Pixie should work fine. Another note if you are running 16 ports at 50 pixels per string you should be okay with 1 power supply but make sure your brightness is down to about 30% and test all White. If not you may pop some or all of the fuses....
  10. Maybe. What size (wattage) and voltage (5 or 12) is the power supply with the PixCon?
  11. For the AC controllers you can just copy and paste the sequence on other elements or props. To use the PixCon just put some Motion Effects into the sequence or buy some, running out of time!
  12. Any spray paint made for plastic will work, nothing will last forever if outside in the (UV) sunlight. I've had some coro painted props for about 5 years now and no signs of flaking or chipping even sitting outdoors for the last 2 years.
  13. I need to take advantage of this, It seems like this is the only way I can have the pixel tree run with all my old sequences. Just added the Pixel tree a few months ago, it takes to much time and those are pretty good as to some of the other options I've seen plus I have a few HS in my display I've been using for years.
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