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  1. Thank you that was it i was using phone cable instead of Ethernet to connect the adapter.
  2. Hello I'm trying to connect my ctb16 to my pc and it keeps telling cannot find port when trying auto config i have my controller to comm 3 as it says comm 3 in device manager but in hardware utility it cannot find any devices i'm using the usb485 with a phone cable plugged into the first phone jack port on the controller.
  3. First year trying to make a show and I've run into the first of probably many road blocks. I'm trying to use light strands with built in lighting effects to save some money because I already own them. The problem is I cant control these strands in the software they are way off their queues. I'm just trying to get these strands to do basic effects like on off fade.... Ive tried changing the effects in the software and on the light strand itself with no success. Is there anyway to use these strands or do I need to buy new lights with no built in lighting effect presets? Thanks.
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