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  1. Ok now it makes sense why my prop was acting like it was. Thanks guys for all of your help.
  2. Thanks for the video. I could figure out how to make each channel a different color or all the same color but what if you wanted the color scheme like below. This is what has me scratching my head. I have attached my S5 8 channel ac controller prop definition file if that helps. The lor manual states that you can create a custom regular AC controller light string prop using the customize light placement tool and define single strings of lights as the same number in the grid. With pixels each cell would have to be the pixel number and increment accordingly. Maybe S5 wont do repeat colors on oth
  3. That would help. It is driving me crazy.
  4. Well no matter what I try it wont let me customize my channel colors the way I want to. I can only make them all one color or select a multi string but that does not help either. I wish I could make channel 1 green, channel 2 blue, and channels 3 to 8 warm white. This will be a problem with other guys running wire frame props also as they cannot colorize their preview prop with the real colors. I suspect this is an S5 bug or oversight by the programmer. I am not going to get all hung up on it right now but it should be fixed.
  5. No guys It is not RGB. Standard AC led and string lights connected to a CTB16PCG3 controller. The only issue is the S5 preview only allowing one color on all 8 channels. Currently all of my 8 channels are 1 color in the prop preview. I just wanted to change the colors to match the actual prop.
  6. It is old school 8 channel ac controller. I just wanted my preview to display the correct colors for the outline green, eyes blue, and the rest white. Currently it is all just white.
  7. I didn’t think about that. Thanks I will do it.
  8. Yea I know I tried to find the answer by searching this forum and also the facebook group but I couldn't find anything. I would rather get my answers here so I don't have to deal with the xlights trolls. I am sure I am missing something. It is the show all. I was moving around my singing tree prop channels and I wasn't watching the length of the placement bar. It duplicated itself outside of my prop as a main element channel. I tried to figure out how to get rid of it but in the end I just hid it. I would like to know how to delete in case it happens again. It sure would be a big help if there
  9. I figured it out. It was in superstar scaling. Originally it was set as source 100 destination 50. I had changed the destination to 100 but it wouldn't work. I had to toggle the scaling on the source from 100 to 50 and then it worked. Thanks for all of your assistance.
  10. Well I am having the same issue. I created a custom singing Christmas tree prop using a LOR controller and I cannot change the channel colors. It makes them all one color. The double click on the channel to select a different color does not work. I am running V5.4.2.
  11. I checked my superstar setup and it is set up for 100 pixels. I generated this myself using the SS instant sequence to just give the prop some color effects 4 years ago in S4. Even when I try to do it from scratch using instant sequence it will still only display 50 pixels in the preview. The config for the prop that worked and the prop that doesn't are exactly the same. The only difference is the one that worked is using a E1.31 DMX based controller. I am going to have to just stick with the exporting to LMS file method and cut and paste like I had to do in S4. If I have more time I may try t
  12. I am having the same issue and I have 5.4.2. Cannot remove duplicate channel entry from re-arranging channels. Maybe I am missing something but I cannot seem to figure out how to remove it.
  13. I never ran the visualizer in S4 and I just exported the SS file to a lms file and pasted into the SE. It ran just fine. The issue this year is the S5 preview showing only 50 pixels. I tried to set it up both manually and automatically. The first attempt was by selecting the pixie 8 and, setting the unit ID, and letting it do its thing. The pixie is running 100 pixels just fine. I verified this by exporting the superstar file to an lms file and pasting it into the SE. When I do this the preview works just fine. If you do the setup correctly and insert a superstar effe
  14. Moving from S4 to S5 and I am having S5 Superstar Integration and visualization issue. Pixie 8 using 2 channels at 100 pixels each. Created two 100 pixel props in preview consisting of 2 segments each using Lor unit ID for each port. Added the props to the sequencer Selected the row of one and chose to insert superstar effect. Superstar opens and I opened a superstar S4 file from last years display for this prop that I had to export to a lms file, copy and paste into SE to get it to work. I then set the destination pixels to 100 in the scale area (afte
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