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  1. Hate to push it, since I know "it's coming" but it would be great to have an update. Rumors are swirling that it's been delayed, may not be happening at all, or may be a hardware solution. I upgraded to S3 based on the promise that E1.31 support was coming in the first half of the year. We're getting close. Based on how slow sequencing pixels is going to be, I need to get started pretty soon. Problem is, I don't even know how to create the channels in LOR so they're compatible with E1.31 when/if it is released. I don't want to configure 600 channels twice for obvious reasons. As such, I
  2. With the "read through the documentation" comment, I sense a little frustration in your response. If so, I apologize. I realize that 99% of what I want to do can be done if I learn and follow your methods. I realize that work-arounds have been posted in this forum and elsewhere which would accomplish the end result that I'm looking for. I certainly didn't mean for you to feel you had to respond to my comments and teach me how to do things, but I really do appreciate that you took the time to do so. I was trying to bring you the perspective of someone who'd never seen the S3 Visualizer bef
  3. DanglinModifiers wrote: Found this one, don't know how I missed it.
  4. Add another: Bulk property editing for all fixtures in a Prop. Just like you can change the level, the ability to change the bulb size or spacing of all elements in a prop would help make things much easier.
  5. Adding to the list as I'm using it more: I miss having "Simulate Night Time" I realize I can adjust the background image with the slider to make it darker, but somehow it's not the same. Simulate Night Time used to really nail it, dark enough that the lights stood out, but still able to be seen. When I darken with the slider, as I get to the point where it's dark enough, I've lost the areas of the image that were darker to begin with. Also, for some reason, blue lights seem to get totally lost amid the darkened background. That didn't used to happenThe arches look more like FireFly pixe
  6. I hope these are taken as intended. Not as complaints/bashing, but as suggestions from the perspective of someone learning the software. "Locking" a prop/fixture doesn't quite work the way I wish it would. I was hoping a fixture lock would remove the ability to edit the end points of the light strings, but maintain the ability to move the fixture as a whole. For example, I'm trying to move all my mini-trees to make put them in a nice straight line. I keep clicking on the strings, and messing up my beautiful little trees, rather than clicking on the move point.As I'm adding props/fixtures,
  7. There are a few "problems" with test patterns 4-6. I'm sure all are "works as designed" even if it's not quite what we expect. 1. The rest of the lights do not light the dim color until the bright chase has passed them. So you have to wait for one cycle to get to your lights before they react to the test at all. Which can be a while because... 2. The test cycles through 4 DMX universes worth of pixels no matter how many are connected or configured. I started out with my pixels on Universe 2, so I had to wait for 170 pixels to chase before my first one lit. If it appears to do nothing,
  8. Jeff Millard wrote: Wait, Jeff's not going to be there? Can I cancel my vote? No reason to for me to go now.
  9. Aproct wrote: July 20-22, first choice. June 22-24 second choice.
  10. Great to hear Dan! If you're looking for Beta Testers, I've got an E1.31 device just waiting to go!
  11. Is it too soon to ask if there's been any progress on this?
  12. Ok, that makes a little more sense. Yes, I'm with you on your thinking that 18 channels would give you RGB control of each branch, per tree. Which could be duplicated to make the trees identical.
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