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  1. Looking for Into The Unknown for AC channels. I searched the forum and only found pixels based sequences. If you have one and youre willing to share please DM me or post here. Channel count does not matter as I can make it fit my configuration. Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't really like pixels. I respect the technology behind them and the time it takes to make the sequences, but I just think they are more Vegas and less Christmas. I plan on running my AC controllers until they die or I am unable to physically do a display. If at any point LOR makes the decision to offload all AC controllers because they wont make them anymore I will buy several to have on my shelf as backups. I understand that its the new hot thing but I guess I am more of a traditionalist with my string lights, blow molds and wire frames. All that just happen to be hooked to AC contr
  3. Bingo, thanks. Would have never thought to look in my spam.
  4. Placed an order yesterday, got a confirm on the website but no confirm was sent to my email. My card was charged though. This happen to anyone else?
  5. Mainly because they aren't that close to each other and it would be easier to run 1 network cable rather than 16 ext cords. While this year I plan to have them run the same lines of coding, with 2 controllers it will give me the option to split them in the future if I want to and have time to add those lines into my songs.
  6. I currently run a mega tree with a 16 channel AC controller. This year I am wanting to add a second tree on the other side of my yard and want to have a separate controller for that tree. Would it work if I named both controllers by the same name? Then I would only have to program each channel once, or would it be better to give each one its own controller number and then copy and paste the sequence pieces from my current mega tree to the new controller settings?
  7. Could I please get a copy scott.bultemeier@gmail.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share.
  8. Could I please get a copy. also could you please provide details about the audio so I can obtain the correct copy? (ie where you bought your copy or what copy version you have) scott.bultemeier@gmail.com
  9. The 01 controller is an AC 16 channel gen 3 controller and it was showing 3 input channels, even with the input pup completely disconnected from the network. I did a board reset on controller 01 and that seemed to correct the issue. I am still testing right now to see if that resolved the whole issue.
  10. Im using four gen 3 residential controllers. I swapped out the cat 5 cables, re wired the input pup and created a whole new show. Its too late to open the garage (have an infant daughter and dont want to wake her with the garage door) and test so I will try and test tomorrow around 4ish when its starting to get dusk.
  11. I restarted the computer and ran the Hardware Utility again and it still shows all 4 controllers but 3 inputs on controller 01. Also when I run a sequence that has all 4 controllers in the channel map, controller 3 and 4 become unresponsive (blinking LED) and half the channels on controller 02 dont work.
  12. I have 4 controllers. When I search in the hardware utility I find all 4. However controller 01 for some reason is reading inputs on channels 1/2/3 even though there are no inputs and those channels are just hooked to normal string lights. Also my 04 controller will turn on all channels within the hardware utility but when I run my sequence the controller doesn't turn on any lights? I know this sequence is not the issue because I used it last year and haven't touched it at all since. Any thoughts? Not sure if it matters but I am on a new computer this year. I am currently hooking u
  13. Could I get a copy please? scott.bultemeier@gmail.com Also if you have an amazon link to the correct version that would be great as well. Thanks!
  14. I always viewed static as "All On" but they are connected to a controller. Currently I run "all on" sequences between my actual animated sequences. To try and cut down on the possibility of annoying my neighbors with the blinky flashy running all the time.
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