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  1. Have four LOR boxes, what I call box 3 was operating fine on test day and now channel 10 will not function, cheched for loos wires found one nutral loose reset the unit but no luck still no channel 10 other 15 working as expected. any ideas?? Larry Cupp
  2. got it it seems to e working now thanks Ya'll Larry
  3. Got a problem, I have 3 sequences ready to go. one of the sequences when it gets to the end it just stays there intead of reseting back to the beginning. Is this gonna cause a scheduling probem when I set my schedule?? help just a few more days till light up Larry
  4. I hope you don't , but I incorporated your sub panel design for my additional pwer needs, Man was it expensive the two plugs and 10 ft of wire for 100 amps was a killer. it it looks good and should do the job. I wanted something I could take withme if I moved and your cart was jusat the ticket. Thanks Larrytcupp
  5. thanks , been trying to do this for some time
  6. yes too late for this sequence, have been reconstructing sequence and double saving all files.What would be nice for us newbies who are a little challenged would be a WEBX type training kinda like one of the PC guys did with Animated software I think about 6 Months ago using "go to meeting " .com the tutorials help but leave a lot of questions unanswered, DAN what do ya think could this be done? larrytcupp 64 channel LOR investment and struggling
  7. great , glad you got yours. I was finishing my first sequence about 8hrs work, I wanted to end my sequence about 3min 18 sec into song, so I selected ind sedquence at 3.18 and lost it all, seem I told it to end at 3 sec.28 not 3 min 18 sec I am soo ticked:( was working on 32 channels and had just ordered 32 more to control more display features trying to get back in the mood to start over. larrytcupp Ga.
  8. I really like your setup, I am not a electrician but feel I could build the panel and wire the outlets, I would want a electrician to do the connection from box to sub. I would think eventually I will go to 6 lor 16 channel boxes . for the DIY guy what do think the approx cost was (if you don't mine saying) for your setup for breakers , GFI's panel etc. Larrytcupp
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