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  1. Hi guys, I need to connect a pixie16 about 30 meters away from the pc, will I have latency problems in your opinion or some other problem? Thank you
  2. thanks to all, I guessed. I also put the suspension to zero, but I wanted to know if the activities between usb, ssd and network left it on. I'm afraid it goes out all of a sudden, with the suspension active. thank you guys
  3. Hi guys, a simple question, how do you set the suspension of the pc, which controls the lights? Is it possible that if you use the suspension, in order not to leave the pc on all day, the lights go out? i've win10
  4. so it is already in SE ??? I'm working with the activity manager window open, it scares me just thinking about it. I have a sequence of about a gig, I finished it right now, it arrived, on the task manager above 2 gigs. is very slow, the stop button of the sequence no longer works well. It is impossible to work in these conditions, you lose more time saving, restarting SE and all the rest of the actual sequencing. but with S5 these problems have been solved ???
  5. Sorry Jim, do you know if the patch works well ?? If so, where can I find it ??? I too have these problems since I use pixels and therefore large sequences, in rgb never happened. Thank you all.
  6. Hi guys, I know that you are all full of work, many if not all, turn on November 26 for Thanksgiving, which is not celebrated here in Italy, but given the amount of work done every year I have decided too 'I will start first, I will turn on the 29th. Unfortunately I have a situation to resolve, which has never happened to me before. I have always had my pc dedicated to the show for more than 6 years always working, never used, only for the show. This year I bought the new PixCon16 MKII, one I set it with NP but I still have to connect it to the lights, while another one after setting it went t
  7. thanks to both, I try and let you know
  8. ho riscontrato questo problema
  9. hello and in the meantime thank you, ondemnad, do you mean the actual show? I still don't have all the lights hanging out, I'm just fixing the sequences, at night ...... ahahahah
  10. Hi guys, in the meantime, sorry for my text translated online, I hope you understand. This year, like every year, the first problem to be solved could not be missing, as indeed happens to everyone. Let me explain. When viewing with VI, I see that some channels are not lit at the same time as they are turned on SE, then all of a sudden they light up. I am trying and trying again, trying to understand, but I have finished the tests, I think this point is the pc, but it seems strange to me, because I have 16gb of ram, a 2.6ghz intel I7-6700 HQ, an Nvidia Gforce GTX 950M video card , everything ru
  11. Hi guys, I wanted to kindly ask you, if by chance anyone has the sequence, for 16-channel tree, of Christmas Time Is Here - Vince Guaraldi [Vocal Version] and happy days. Thanks
  12. Hi guys, like every year, and I think many of us, I have routine problems. This year, I no longer remember how to export a .sup in animation, other than SS props. That is, I would like to export channel by channel. Last year I did it, this year it doesn't get into my head. It will be old age ;-). Thanks for the help as always. Pierpaolo
  13. I do not know the problem well because I was not present at the tests, among other things I understand little. I am attaching other photos, where it is clear that it is the internal rooms that are not cut, however we will try again with my friends, trying, first to understand well your writing, which translated online obviously leaves something on the street, then to follow your advice , thank you so much
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