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  1. Normally it does, and with my pixcon it works fine, however my CMB24ds are still not responding.
  2. New question after speaking with Mr. Mike I have found that I am not adding my RGBs correctly in sequence editor. I do not use DMX and have added them only one way in past. I click insert device below. How is everyone else doing it?
  3. Please someone help, I am at wits end, Halloween is just around the corner and my CMB24s will not come on. I have done everything I can do, the com port is correct, network works, lights solid and turn on while in HU. I am not running HU and SE at same time .In SE pixcon board responds and is on the same network as my CMB24s which do not. I am open to any ideas, also I do have PRO. Please someone help!
  4. hello to all, my wife is trying with little luck so I am trying to help out. In response to all questions Regular network is set up at 57.6k, network A Aux is 500K and enhanced, computer will send and receive thru both Com 3 and Com 4 to the appropriate network, all the light will work on demand thru hardware utility, I only run hardware or SE never both. My pixcon and CMB24 are operating on the 500k network. While running SE my pixcon16 will turn on the light however the CMB24 will not. Checked all voltages in to boards and they are correct, however I do not get any output voltage on any of the CMB24s
  5. Thank you everyone for getting back to me on this. I do have my com3 and com4 set up its the same as my pixcon which works just the cmd24s do not respond. I also do not have hardware open at the same time as sequence editor. Any other ideas?
  6. My USB is talking to the CMB24D however while trying to sequence it will not turn my lights on. Please help!
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