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  1. thanks, we decided to leave daytona on friday and site see along the coast home, maybe next time
  2. we are headed to daytona this week and hope to make it in, Im sure its here somewhere but is there a vendor list? Thanks Don
  3. im gonna go listen to the mp3 if its one I like would you mind sharing?
  4. anybody got any old school sliver bells ? I think ny dean martain
  5. Anybody have anything by lindsey Sterling? I just listened to her and she is AMAZING!!! (I know she has been out for a while but Im slow lol) Carol of the bells dance of the sugar plum fairies, or anything really, I MUST HAVE HER IN MY SHOW!!!! 32, 48 or up channels, melissamcabee5@gmail.com thanks!!!
  6. right now my rough draft will be something like 16 walkway pumpkins, and random red, purple, amber, and green light strands around hedges and tombstones. I display 14 life sized zombie props every year and hope to get two different type displays to "mesh" without one out shining the other
  7. yes please!!! melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  8. Im thinking on doing a Halloween show this year and was hoping someone would share a few sequences for me to play around with, thriller, witch doctor etc. melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  9. Anyone have silver bells by twisted sister willing to share? Or anything hard rock christmas? Thanks melissamcabee5@gmail.com
  10. Anyone sharing from the Bad Santa 2 soundtrack? Frosty by Ray Conniff (or any artist) Theres no place like home (for the holidays) by Joy Williams (or any artist) thanks melissamcabee5@gmail.com
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