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  1. good to know thanks, how big is your ground plane. and where did you get transmitter? my one and only neighboor is a gold star mother she has been through enough i dont want to annoy her with the same 15 songs over and over again!
  2. thanks to everyone one who sent me sequences. if anyone has a few non xmas songs i would love to have those too, just to sprinkle in between xmas songs thanks so much!! my next step is an FM transmitter, found some on ebay for 60-70$ but my front yard is half and acre and im not sure 7w will make it to the street.
  3. vinchief thank you I returned your email!! Bill P I downloaded the mps for wizards of winter added it to my LOR audio folder and I have your sequence in my sequence folder but it is still giving me an error saying it can not find the mp3 file. Im stumped!
  4. Thanks man I'll give that a shot right now
  5. Oh man!! thank you so much that was a great list of music. Sadly I must be doing something wrong because I'm getting 1 or 2 error message one is saying file can not be located even though I downloaded it to my sequences folder in LOR and the second is saying something about channels and back ground image. The channels error just sounds like that specific show uses more channels than my single LOR box has (16) and the image message i'm not sure about? But I'll figure it out one way or another. Thanks again!!!
  6. Oh man my little girl would flip Can I get a copy if you have time, Thank you zeitlerusmc@gmail.com
  7. Sorry to bother you I would love to have this sequence thank you zeitlerusmc@gmail.com
  8. Hey guys great forum here. So quick info on me, live out in the desert of AZ, I have always enjoyed putting up lights, our family never had much money so Christmas wasn't about the presents it was about THE LIGHTS. I remember really getting into lights when i was about 8. I would scare the hell out of my mom up on the roof trying to get the strand of lights perfectly straight :) So now im 32 wife and one little girl, and finally got some coin together and bought a LOR starter kit. It took me 2 hours to make a sequence for a 2:42 minute song, is that about right? To make things worse I'm c
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