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  1. Mr. P Thanks for the clarification. I will let you know how it goes.
  2. Mr. P, first thanks for the reply. I have the USB485 to connect to the first controller. My showtime central is in a controller box and it has the SD mini director and the FM transmitter attached within. There is a headphone jack (where you could input the jack from a set of headphones) off the side. So I am understanding that I would connect the PC to the USB485 and on to the first controller, then connect via the headphone port on my PC to the FM transmitter. From there I should be able to have the LOR scheduler start the sequences, thus allowing my receiver to pick up the signal from
  3. I have the the showtime central setup and I can get it to work fine with 4 controllers using the SD card. I would like to use the LOR scheduler from my laptop, so I can utilize a special start up and shutdown sequence. When I connect the Showtime Central via a cat 5 cable via the last controller (4), the transmitter will not broadcast. Once I insert the SD card, it will broadcast. It there a special setup or cable that I need to use other than the USB/Adapter/Cat5 cable to connect the PC to the first controller or last controller?
  4. Roverdish, I know that this is an older thread, but can you send me the Wizards in Winter if you still have it. My address is txnmark@gmail.com Thanks Mark
  5. I would like to receive both of these, my address is txnmark@gmail.com
  6. If you are still willing, I would like a copy my email address is txnmark@gmail.com
  7. If still available, I would like a copy
  8. Old Sarge, I check and it was listed in the file. Thanks for giving some great sequences. PS, I live in San Antonio, TX so I have several military buddies that are waiting to come and see. Mark
  9. Are the arches and mini trees still available? txnmark@gmail.com
  10. Has anyone created a sequence of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor they are willing to share. I have a 32 channel system but any assistance would be great! Thanks in Advance Mark txnmark@gmail.com
  11. I would appreciate a set. txnmark@gmail.com Thanks
  12. If you are still willing to share I would like to have a copy Thanks Mark txnmark@gmail.com
  13. Can you please send me a copy of the link as well? txnmark@gmail.com
  14. Roverfish, May I request a copy as well? It would be much appreciated txnmark@gmail.com
  15. Matt and Ron, thanks for the insights and the video, I am going to attempt 2 arches for this season and will post my results once completed.
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