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  1. Hey Steve - I actually have a whole pixie 16 that I'm trying to sell. Bought the kit from LOR in 2017 and only used that year - 5v 16x50 with Pixie 16 controller built by LOR. Would you have any interest. Only caveat is that one of the pixel strings is not working - problem is not with the controller since they don't work when I switch them to another port. Sure they could probably be fixed but haven't looked at them. Can send you a link to see it if you want.
  2. Purchased this pre-assembled kit from LOR during the pre-sale in 2017 - only used one year. Originally paid around $550 for the controller and the 16 stands of square pixels. Asking $400 for everything + shipping. Paypal preferred for payment. Can view pictures here - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/637038126841525/
  3. Can I run a blend of AC and Pixie controllers from the uMP3g3 ShowTime miniDirector. Adding Pixie 16 (Mega Tree) to my show this year and wondering if I can still use the uMP3g3 ShowTime miniDirector to run new sequences that have the mega tree as part of the sequence.
  4. Hey James - Would love a copy of Shake It Up if still sharing. camphouselights@gmail.com Thanks James
  5. Hey JR - would like a copy please. camphouselights@gmail.com Thanks, Chester
  6. Any one happen to have singing faces for It's the most wonderful time of the year by Andy Williams? Old classic that someone requested this year. Have the sequence almost completed but would like to add a singing face if anyone is willing to share. camphouselights@gmail.com Thanks, Chester
  7. Hey James - Did these get sent? I saw you said it did not work - was that in reference to the converted Superstar to Pixel Editor files? If not can I get a copy please. Thanks, Chester camphouselights@gmail.com
  8. Hey James - Would love copies of the ones converted from SS to PE if still sharing. camphouselights@gmail.com Thanks, Chester
  9. **UPDATE** - This is only happening for one sequence. All others seem fine. Thanks, Chester
  10. Last year added pixel mega tree and two arches. Sequenced in PE no problem. This year added a bunch more pixels - 8 50 pixel snowflakes, 8 100 pixel mini trees, 300 pixels to outline the house, 2 50 pixel windows, 50 pixel star and 2 more 50 pixel arches. Just using the same sequences as last year and adding a couple more. Also have 3 LOR controllers that will control 2 star flares, 2 candy cane spinners and adding a couple of singing faces. My issue is that now sometimes when I try to open my sequences to edit them PE will throw and error and the program closes.Eventually it will open - sometimes I have to restart my Laptop to get it working. Wondering if anyone has seen this before?
  11. Mr. P - Sounds like how my setup will be this year (but much smaller! ). I'm running 1 F16 with one expansion card and 4 expansion cards - Set my 3 existing LOR controllers to run DMX so I can use one of the ports on the F16 instead of using the dongle/usb connection. Pixie16 will have to stay on the LOR USB RS485-HS until next year - will get F48 to run my RGB props running of the F16 this year and then run mega tree off the F16. Hopefully will be off the LOR controllers totally next year with everything converted to RGB - but that's next year! Have to get through this year first!
  12. Mr P - Thanks for the clarification. I've actually moved to a better controller for a majority of my new props but have a Pixie 16 that I just bought last year so will be using it this year. Will be trying to sell it next year and move the mega tree to 12v pixels with a new controller. Still have 3 LOR controllers that I use for a couple of LED props (adding some singing faces this year) but everything else I'm moving to pixels - goal is next year to have them all converted to pixels. Running these legacy LOR controllers in DMX through a Falcon controller. Was just trying to move completely away from any dongles - but looks like until I get the mega tree converted over then I'll have to use the dongle.
  13. Hey JR and Mr P - You guys are right on the money. I forgot I'd setup the DMX channels in Network Configuration. Removed them and now it works in Visualizer. Would really be good if Pixie 16 would do DMX so I could run without the USBRS485 but I guess it is what it is.
  14. Hey JR - Sorry for the delay - Been a busy week with work and my daughter's 21st this weekend. Pixie16 is setup on Aux A / Com 4 - First unit id is 0A. I thought I had it - setup in SE and Vis but it's not showing when I run the sequence. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chester
  15. Would love a copy please. camphouselights@gmail.com Thanks Chester
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