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  1. she is awesome, would love them as well. Merry Christmas!! eiudrummerboy@gmail.com
  2. I am wondering if anyone would share a sequence for "God rest ye Merry Gentlemen" from Pentatonix. Old school version preferred, meaning no singing faces or pixel trees. Reason is our Church does a Live Nativity each year and I would like to add some sequences into the display. Currently we use a 16 channel controller to run the lights for the show and I have another to hook up for Arches. We have Pentatonix- drummer boy and it works great, would love to add "God rest ye Merry Gentlemen" from Pentatonix as well. Thank you in advance. Please send to eiudrummerboy@gmail.com Merry Christmas!!
  3. Would like to see the circle idea as well. As far as the ccr tree. I use part of the tree to match up with my large spider web. At night it makes it stand out and it looks like guitar strings playing with the sequences. Just an idea for thought. Happy Halloween!!
  4. please may I have a copy. Kids of the 80's, LOL eiudrummerboy@gmail.com
  5. Hope someone can help. On the mini director I use the different channels to have the ability to play a looping set of song sequences that can be interrupted with an open/closed switch ( I use a door bell button). This trigger a second sequence. When that sequence is over the director goes back to playing the looped set of songs again but it always starts at the beginning. I’m wondering if there is a hack for the code that would allow the mini director to go back to the looped set of sequences where it left off. Any ideas? Or downloads someone would share?
  6. eiudrummerboy@gmail.com I would love a copy if possible. Thank you.
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