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  1. Hi I tried to do the group. So what I did was made channel 1 to 3 RGB 4 to 6 RGB and so on for all 200 lights. I then put them in groups ie eyes closed and so on I managed to turn the group on just white but it wont work for coulors and reason to what I'm doing wrong? Aaron
  2. Cheers for that. Will have to try it again after work as I did but didnt seem to work so maybe something I done was wrong. And thanks for the advice about dumb RGB I have to order some up and try them instead Aaron
  3. Good Morning All I have used the Light O Rama software along with 3 CTB16PC ready to go controllers. I have recently brought a CCR controller with 2 strings of 100 bullet pixels. I have managed to work out how to make a face from them and get it to work fairly easy but the problem I have is that when I group them for example "Eyes Closed" I have to set each light to the colour and time I would like rathe than just making the group in one go so taking a lot of time and effort I was wondering if im doing it right or if theres a quicker way to do it that im just missing. I have att
  4. Any chance I can get sent them please Aaron_25@live.co.uk Many thanks in advance
  5. Hi all Just wondering if there are many users in the UK and where abouts you are. Feel free to get in touch Aaron
  6. Could I get a copy please James Aaron_25@live.co.uk Many thanks
  7. Cheers JR I managed to get it all working fine and set up just been messing around with it the past few days to understand it properly and hopefully get some cool displays with it and then order some more up next year Cheers for your help once again Aaron
  8. may I have a copy please JR. aaron_25@live.co.uk Many Thanks
  9. thank you so much. sorry about the late reply just been rushed of my feet. I managed to figure it out and just been playing aroung getting used to it all
  10. im sorry but call me silly but I loaded the HU up and refresh the unit configure and it comes up with the unit name 01 - Pixie2 Ver 1.03 is there something I done wrong?
  11. Any help wold be Great. I brought a cosmic Colour Pixel 2 with 2 strings of 100 lights and I been searching google and the forum abut cant seem to find any help. I have plugged it all in and tried to play about with he lights I cant seem to program them how I want them to be. The problem is I have converted the channels in to RGB and I can get the first 5 pixels on the first string to work and do what I want but any after that they wont work. is there something I missing? Any links to videos of any help would be a massive help. many thanks
  12. Has any one had any luck sequencing these yet?
  13. Would it be possible to get a copy please Aaron_25@live.co.uk Many thanks
  14. Yh you have shared sequences with me but I'm just trying to make them as I used rope lights for Halloween and it didn't look good. Going to get the boards and LED lights and fingers crossed I can get them in time for christmas
  15. Good Morning All I have quick question about singing faces. I have THREE CTB16PC controllers set up to UK 240V and would like to have singing faces, I have tried using LED rope light but it doesn't look as good as I want it to. I have seen hoiliday coro selling the boards as a link to the lights but it seems to be in US plugs and volts and wondering if it would work and would my controllers work with them? Many thanks for your help Aaron
  16. once again JR may I get a copy please aaron_25@live.co.uk
  17. could i get a copy please James aaron_25@live.co.uk many thanks in advance
  18. thanks again JR looks amazing and thanks for the hard work you put in
  19. willing to share with me JR aaron_25@live.co.uk many thanks aaron
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