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  1. Yes I was and am glad you said something. I didn't even think about dragging the corner. I hope this helps others as well.
  2. Aubrey, You have my attention, I can see your concept, now to put it on paper, well into the sequence then. Ask Matt if he could enlarge the table area on the right where the single string appears, (in my case) those little boxes are pretty small, this is after you choose the custom drop down function, or maybe there is and I don't know it. Thanks Again, Jack
  3. It's close however, The Curtain, center open, once to fit Duration is the closest so far. looks good for the 1/2 right and 1/2 left open or close (or top to bottom). Still have lots of work to do on the outer most point to the other outer most. This would give me the top half and the bottom half. So far the Full prop ME is working better that my custom line rows. To get good exploding and Imploding effects do I have to go to SS or can I get it in S5? Thanks for the help, Jack
  4. update, I added 2 custom lines to the prop on the Preview Editor page, lines 3 & 4 and labeled them Top Half 15-36 pixels and Bottom half 1-14 AND 37-50 then Saved and Saved again BUT this update does not show on my sequence page??? I think I'm close but...
  5. I am using S5 Pro and want my Star to Explode and Implode along with a couple of other options. In my Design Preview I started with a motion effect row, with this I can make my star turd on/off , top to bottom or vice verse using the Curtain effect. I then made 2 custom lines one for the first 25 pixels on the left and the other for 26-50 on the right, this allows the same function as the single row above. I now want to take the center point of each half being #15 pixel and # 36, this is where I get stuck when using the custom option how do I get this done.???? I am thinking that I'll end up with several custom rows. After this I want to go from all the Inner points outward 8 of them and from the outer points inward 8 locations as well, each leg will have a different amount of pixels. CAN this be done in the standard S5 suite WITHOUT going to SuperStar? OR Is SS the only way to do this? It was great to meet some of you at the EXPO, I picked up several pointers and even used 1 or 2 of them so far. Thanks in advance to any good advice on how to make this happen, Jack
  6. Hey Jim, It was nice to meet you and a lot of other attendees \ staff of several companies. Hope your trip to Colorado was good and that you made it to the Baseball game in time. I'm sure that we will chat in the near future. Jack
  7. It is what you make it, I had hoped for more but, with the last years BS, I'm just glad that the whole show happened!!! I did the full 3 days of classes and trade show, I got some ideas from both. This year I'm going with the glass 1/2 full mind set, next year I need more. Jack Eitzel
  8. Is Preview Editor to S4 and below the same as Sequence Editor is to S5?
  9. Jim, Would be great to meet you at the Expo. You helped me with a few things over the years. Jack 303 885-1773 cell
  10. Who is going to the EXPO in Las Vegas next month? Are you LOR staff or a member of the Forum? Looking forward to meeting everyone. Jack
  11. Jim, With ALL the Covid Cr-- and being cancelled last year? But yes it does look like the Expo will happen. Will you be able to make it this year? Thanks, Jack
  12. Is LOR going to the Show in Las Vegas this July and has an agenda been set? Thanks, Jack
  13. This device has been working fine. What I can tell every one is: -the unit has power as the fan is running and the red led is blinking. I tried a different Cat 5 cable and went direct to the Director and no change in status. I pressed the white test button (S1) and no test pattern. Mr.P had told someone else to power down the unit and move a jumper from 4-5 to 5-6 repower and watch the led, if it flashes faster for how long?? then power down and move the jumper back to 4-5 I DONT know if this info was /is for the same type device. but I looked thru older questions first. Any Help??? Thanks, Jack
  14. Thanks guys, this clears it up. Have a happy one. Jack
  15. Two things, first I saw something in the forum posts about "Duel mode" and Second and most important is in the HU page when setting up a Pixie 2, 12 volt device, on the bottom of the page there is a Pixie Test button that takes you to another page and on the right side of the page it asks about Duel mode etc. and yes, what is Duel mode? No, I am only using LOR software and devices at this time. Thanks
  16. Thanks guys, as a FYI my remote Gate opener has and uses a 3 way Dip Switch, up--middle--and down. I agree with you most Dip Switches are just Ones and Zero's What about the Duel Network for mode settings any info on this? Thanks Jack
  17. Forgot to check the follow topic switch , I want to get a notice when someone responds. Thanks
  18. Just a couple of questions for Pixie Controllers Both the PIXIE2D-v3 with dip switches (12 volt) and the PIXIE V-2, CB100D--ver 3 (5 volt) Using S5 Pro 5.5.xx need to load .14 latest release. I gave each controller 2 Unit ID numbers, Do I need to check to see if I set them up as "Duel Networks"??, because when in the Hardware Utility package I have to select PORT 2 to get the 2nd string of pixels to lite, also HU can NOT find the 2nd Unit ID number. On the 12v system what are the dip switches used for,... Unit ID only or other things? current set in the Middle, off if I remember, set ID # by software. Thanks to all who responds, Jack Denver, Co.
  19. Jim, Sorry not June but July 2021 and I booked a room, going fast. Hopefully I'll get to meet you then. Thanks, Jack
  20. Thanks, I'm putting this on my list. Was that June 17-19, 2021 Christmas Expo.com?
  21. Hey Jim, Is this show the one that has the trade show and LOR classes or something else? Jack
  22. Good luck, I'm building my own Bethlehem Star as a tree topper cause I could not find anything large enough. Someplace around 40" tall by 30" wide. What is a Fire Stick, multi stacked channels single color, or multi color or am I off base? Jack
  23. Hello to all, Looking for info on using the 4 wire, 50 count, 5 volt CCP bullet style bulbs: 1. I'm making a wire frame and looking for ideas to connect bulbs, planning on a double row of steel rods to set the outer set of lights in between, the question is should I use Hot Glue, silicone, tie wraps or??? to hold in place. 2. I'm trying to keep the cutting of the 4 wire string (the other 50 bulbs for inside of star) to a minimum but know that I must make a few cuts due to distance, I know that i can go up one ray and down another and use the software to make it look like 2 strands. I need to find some green 4 wire flat to use as extension as needed, does LOR sell this or where can I find?? 3. I was planning to build in an ray style array but also I'm thing about installing as circles to cut down on the cuts however this might limit me in options for programing, I would like feedback on either or both options. Any other info. that you think I might be missing would be helpful also. Thanks to all that take the time to respond, and have a great day, Jack
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