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  1. Thanks guys, this clears it up. Have a happy one. Jack
  2. Two things, first I saw something in the forum posts about "Duel mode" and Second and most important is in the HU page when setting up a Pixie 2, 12 volt device, on the bottom of the page there is a Pixie Test button that takes you to another page and on the right side of the page it asks about Duel mode etc. and yes, what is Duel mode? No, I am only using LOR software and devices at this time. Thanks
  3. Thanks guys, as a FYI my remote Gate opener has and uses a 3 way Dip Switch, up--middle--and down. I agree with you most Dip Switches are just Ones and Zero's What about the Duel Network for mode settings any info on this? Thanks Jack
  4. Forgot to check the follow topic switch , I want to get a notice when someone responds. Thanks
  5. Just a couple of questions for Pixie Controllers Both the PIXIE2D-v3 with dip switches (12 volt) and the PIXIE V-2, CB100D--ver 3 (5 volt) Using S5 Pro 5.5.xx need to load .14 latest release. I gave each controller 2 Unit ID numbers, Do I need to check to see if I set them up as "Duel Networks"??, because when in the Hardware Utility package I have to select PORT 2 to get the 2nd string of pixels to lite, also HU can NOT find the 2nd Unit ID number. On the 12v system what are the dip switches used for,... Unit ID only or other things? current set in the Middle, off if I remember,
  6. Jim, Sorry not June but July 2021 and I booked a room, going fast. Hopefully I'll get to meet you then. Thanks, Jack
  7. Thanks, I'm putting this on my list. Was that June 17-19, 2021 Christmas Expo.com?
  8. Hey Jim, Is this show the one that has the trade show and LOR classes or something else? Jack
  9. Good luck, I'm building my own Bethlehem Star as a tree topper cause I could not find anything large enough. Someplace around 40" tall by 30" wide. What is a Fire Stick, multi stacked channels single color, or multi color or am I off base? Jack
  10. Hello to all, Looking for info on using the 4 wire, 50 count, 5 volt CCP bullet style bulbs: 1. I'm making a wire frame and looking for ideas to connect bulbs, planning on a double row of steel rods to set the outer set of lights in between, the question is should I use Hot Glue, silicone, tie wraps or??? to hold in place. 2. I'm trying to keep the cutting of the 4 wire string (the other 50 bulbs for inside of star) to a minimum but know that I must make a few cuts due to distance, I know that i can go up one ray and down another and use the software to make it look like 2 stran
  11. Good Info for all to remember.
  12. SEE there was a good reason to stay away from them silly rascal's, the E1.31 that is. (whatever those are???) Not me, I'm out of here, just LOR all the way baby..... Happy Trails, Jack
  13. 1.Does anyone have a chart that shows the number of pixels vs the different speeds that work? 57K--115k--500k at Regular LOR and then at Enhanced 2. what's the limit on AC controllers, I'm thinking the power/current is the limiting factor, maybe not. Thanks to all, Jack
  14. Orville, Thank you for your reply, I am planning the same basic strategy as your set up. Going thru the Help doc's I found the "Advanced SD Card Wizard" section, I printed it out at 10 pages, something that you will need, along with that I went into the "NP" program Network Preferences, this is where the Aux Networks speeds can be set, nice little section in the help section. I still have a few questions and waiting on help from LOR but I'll look in the SE section also. Thanks again, Jack
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