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  1. Can I please get them Angie.whitecotton@gmail.com
  2. Hello looking for polar express or grandma got ran over min 32 channels thank you angie.whitecotton@gmail.com
  3. I would love a copy! angie.whitecotton@gmail.com
  4. Ok I absolutely hate the S5 and don’t have time to figure it all out! Can you change back? My old computer has the S4 but only for 16 channels and I now have 32! I use the mini Director and can’t get my sequence to work in S5
  5. Did you figure out how to fix the issues because im having the same issues.
  6. Hello all! Not only did we move to new state, I also purchased new laptop and we took year off from lights! I just upgraded and everything is soooooo different! I feel soooo lost and confused! If you have anything you'd be willing to share I would be soooo great-full! I'm hoping to relearn everything in time to get it all stared! angie.whitecotton@gmail.com
  7. Do you hear what I hear Grandma got ran over by a reindeer Frosty the snowman Rockin around the Christmas tree Your are a mean one Mr. Grinch Rudolph the red nose riendeer angie.whitecotton@gmail.com ' Thank you!
  8. Hello can I get copy of this too please!! angie.whitecotton@gmail.com Thank you
  9. Hello can I please get copy too!! angie.whitecotton@gmail.com Thank you!!
  10. Ok so we finally have it up and working!! Let me know now what you think???
  11. Well blonde moment I didn't take the ad card out..... lol all updated hopefully that fixes it
  12. I was told to update firmware again. How long this normally take? Been loading for 15 minutes now...
  13. well its now playing songs and not the lights on few of the songs.....UGH! our local light contest starts tomorrow too....
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