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  1. Good evening all. Once again I need your assistance. So i have my matrix. 20x48. Using a pixie 16 andd a pixie 4. With 2, 30A. 5v power supplies. Pixels are 5v of course. I am having an issue when powering up. The 4 powers on, lights flash and go into flashing led on board waiting for a connection to pc. The 16 does not always go into blinky ready mode. About 8 out of 10 times the led on board is OFF and the pixels are all on steady white. Now I did this with a meter on the terms and the voltage does not drop below 5.1. I have it set to be 5.25 when all off. When it does go into blinky led mode and accepts a signal from pc goes steady red. I can run one sequence as i will post a link to. When the sequence stops it usually loses connection and the led turns off. And i have to power on and off a few times to get the board to blink and be ready. If i try amd adjust the sequence while connected to the pixie i lose connection 7 out of ten times. The pixie 16 starts on ID 8 and the pixie 4 picks up at the end to complete the last 4 rows. From the link below it works some times. Not sure where to go next. Getting very frustrated. Thanks Carl
  2. Thanks Jim that's probably what I am going to do.
  3. Yes using pixie, no bad pixel wouldn't control rest of string forced them all white. guess I need to buy a single strand of 5v or cut off all the extras and then set them all to 48 count strands, I may do that...getting some new 3 wire connectors may redo them Carl
  4. Thanks guys. I loaded up S5. Backed all the files up and did a test with my current adaams family seq. Added the matrix and ran some test images and patterns. Looked good and was easy to program. Will know more after more playing. Looks like I may be starting to decorate early to run full scale tests. Living room is too small to appreciate the matrix. Oh. One question about technical stuff. I had a bad pixel. No big deal. Strings were 50 counts. Only used 48. 2 extra on the beginning. Wacked offn1 extra from first string. Replaced the bad one. All good. Except the first string is out of order by one pixel. Any ideas on a quick programming fix. Or do i buy a string and use them for repairs and just insert it back in the beginning and make it 50. Carl
  5. Thanks guys seamless already messing around adding my matrix to my old files. Learning away. Any good place for some 8 bit images my matrix is 20H by 48 W
  6. Do we need to uninstall S4 before loading S5 Carl
  7. OK all I built a 20x48 rgb matrix and plan on adding an rgb prop or 2 to my small show this year. I have a cpl questions. 1. Can I use my old sequences from last year and just ADD the intensity file for the matrix and props. I want to utilize all the work I did last year with the AC stuff and the Flood stuff in the sequences? 2. Do I do this in S4 and PE. If so is what are the simple steps. 3 Do I migrate to S5 I have the pro license now for S4. Migrate my S4 AC files over to S5 and begin working from there? Your Expert Opinions are Always appreciated. Carl Phone convos can be done if explanations are too long for here. TIA
  8. Thanks i built a matrix 20x48 and am using a pixie16 and a pixie4 gonna sequence the channels accordingly i plan on putting the powersupplies and controllers within 6 feet if i hang it. Need either one box big enough or 2 seperate was going to use 2 30a 5v psupplies
  9. Where is everyone ordering 3 wire pixel wire and enclosures from. Thought i had enough now not so sure. Carl
  10. Thanks Jr Please share with me. Carl racerc20@gmail.com
  11. may I please have I am doing a matrix this yea 4x8 1k pixels. Ill take anything else you might have that works with a matrix Thanks James Carl racerc20@gmail.com
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