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  1. Finally some good news! So happy for you! Be sure to give your loved ones an extra hug for those of us who can't be with our own! Be sure to eat more than usual too for those of us who can't even taste the food 🤣
  2. I think the proverbial saying "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link" is particularly appropriate for people's lives in the Covid era. If your circle of interactions involve people who are careless or don't take appropriate precautions, then you may be playing with fire. For me and my wife, we've tried to be SO cautious due to our 1st grandchild and aging parents. We haven't been in a restaurant since March. Had to sit in a car in the SC summer as our grandchild was born. Utilizing the "pick up" options at grocery stores and restaurants. Really only going out to go to work becau
  3. Thanks! Sorry to hear about your test. Hopefully the mild symptoms will be the extent of it for you too.
  4. I'm on quarantine for 10 days and missing my grandbaby's 1st Christmas. Ugh! Stay safe and healthy my Christmas light brethren. Hope your shows are going well!
  5. I ordered the 50 ft roll. It comes in lengths of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 ft. I cut 4 pieces for the arches around 9 ft each and the 2 vertical tubes around 6.5 ft each. It definitely has a "memory" so the arches were way easier than the straight vertical tubes. Lol
  6. I looked back at my invoice from last year. 50 ft of 2" HDPE was $103 and just over $65 shipping (I live 2.5 hrs away). Definitely better if you live closer to a McMaster Carr like Jim. To put it in perspective..50 ft was enough for 4 arches and I had 2 long sticks left over. This year I used the remainder to make 2 6.5 ft tall vertical thingies. (I'm not sure what to call them! Lol) So 6 props total. They definitely will get the most comments for sure. Hope this helps!
  7. I feel your pain. Copying and pasting rarely has worked for me. There have been a few songs that had a basic beat, but apparently I'm drawn to the more complex beats.
  8. I used 2" HDPE tubing from McMaster Carr. Kinda expensive and a pain to get delivered but I think it's worth it. Matt Johnson has a video on YouTube with a parts list.
  9. I figured it out. It was a "Lights Off at End" that was checked. Forgive me, I'm just getting off of night shift lol
  10. I'm doing it from the Sequence Editor. In the earlier version (4.4) I could hit stop and all of the lights would stay on or the sequence would "pause" (not an actual pause, thus the quotation marks) at that moment. It's not happening in v 4.14.
  11. 99.9% of the time I have it on the schedule and it shuts down automatically. I just noticed it during setup when I was wrapping trees and I just wanted to see what the lights looked like. I started a sequence like I had always done in the past and just stopped it at a section where all the lights were on. It didn't work this time though so I resorted to the Hardware Utility. The only other time I would possibly use it is maybe Christmas Eve after the show ended. For some reason or another, my wife likes to keep the lights on all night long.
  12. Greetings to all of my Christmas light buddies. Hope your shows are going well. I had to swap to another computer this year to make sure I had a 64 bit system for MIIP. My old show computer ran v 4.4. Naturally, when downloading the software for the new computer, I downloaded the most recent version of S4 (4.14). Everything is working without an issue but I did notice something different. Maybe I'm not holding my mouth right or something but in years past, if I wanted to have all of my lights on like a static display, I could effectively "pause" a show by just finding a sequence where all of
  13. I spoke with BobO earlier in the week and he was actually in the Dr.'s office at the time. Apparently he's a little under the weather. When he recovers, I'm sure he'll respond. He usually is very prompt in responding. Get well soon BobO!
  14. I've got a really basic 32 channel with 8 RGB channels if you're interested. Let me re-emphasize the "really basic" part. If you're interested, shoot me an email at cjglover2001@yahoo.com since I don't check this section a whole lot.
  15. Well I was feeling anxiety about not getting my show up and running. Looks like I'm not alone. I need to adopt the attitude some of y'all have about being OK with it though. Lol. Fingers crossed I can get through the weekend without a Clark Griswold tirade! 😆
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