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  1. Mr B- were able to get your Pixie working again. I think that is what is happening to mine right now. The LED indicator is blinking like it is waiting to connect to the network, but the network cannot find it and I think I had some wires touch too.
  2. I would think that this has to do with the set up of your props. I have the pro software, so I am not sure if you are limited at all by that. Otherwise, it would either be not setting up the channels correctly and/ or specifying the correct number of pixels per channel.
  3. I ended up working through all of my issues. The first problem was that I had wired the screw terminals for the connector that connects into the controller wrong. I had the wires in the correct place, but screwed them down instead of up. Fixed that issue and then could control my lights in hardware utility. Then my next hurdle was naming the correct channels in the set up. I got some help with that through the LOR help desk figured out how to do that. Last hurdle ended up being that I had to change the network in the network preferences to the LOR enhanced network. After all was said an
  4. Here is a screen shot of my configuration.
  5. The way you state it, it sounds like some of your light worked in the Hardware Utility and maybe others did not. I am saying that none of my strings work. I have tried 3 different kinds of WS2811 strings and 1 kind of WS2812 ribbon on 2 different controllers. I have set up one controller to be 5V and another for 12V (one of my types of WS2811 lights are 12V, the rest are 5V). And I get nothing. No lights come on at all in the hardware utility test or pixel console. So it is not just an issue of some of them not working, it is all of them. I have not tried to hook them into the rest of my L
  6. I am running into some trouble getting my Pixie16 up and running. Disclaimer- I am a total newbie to all of this. I ran into the unknown device issue at first and upgraded to the beta version and that resolved that. Yay. Next I went to the configuration page and selected the cosmic color/ pixie config.In that window, I think I kept everything at what defaults except changed the color order to RGB. I am using WS2811's. Then when I go to the test page or the pixel console and try to control the lights, nothing happens. My pixie board status light is on solid red. Any thoughts?
  7. Hello, Just getting started into this whole thing and new to LOR. I would like to use U2's, Baby, Please Come Home for Christmas for my first sequence. Does anyone have a sequence for this that they would be willing to share. I would be so grateful for any help to get started. leonardlights@outlook.com
  8. I see above that you were looking for U2 Baby Please Come Home. If you got that sequence, would you be able to share that one with me? Thanks. leonardlights@outlook.com
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