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  1. I did it, not sure what I did but it is working. Actually the comm listener was not opening up. I saw it earlier and clicked on it. It show connected so it tried a test sequence that i did in PE earlier and it was playing the sequence that i did. Jr, it did ask if i wanted to allow access in windows defender so hopefully it will continue to work. Thanks for all the help everybody.
  2. I just ordered a high speed adaptor. I will see if it changes anything when it comes in.
  3. I did go thru the tutorial and I did the red to green fade and it work like it was supposed to, but that was with the enhanced unchecked. I Will go back thru the tutorial and check everything.
  4. I do have the pro license. I just upgraded yesterday and have not changed it on my profile yet. The network preferences is where I was changing it to enhanced. If I leave it normal the light is steady on, when I click the enhanced button and click apply the red light starts flashing. I have the pixie2 and I'm using the black adapter right now mainly because I don't have the red one. If you think that is the problem ill order one, i probably need one anyway. Ill check on the windows defender and see if that helps. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Ok update, I went thru the "pixie setup and config" post. Now in my sequence I can "add device" and do a color fade in my sequence and it works, still wont work with the PE props at the bottom, and it will only works if I dont set it to enhanced. When i set it to "Enhanced" in the hardware utility the controller will not connect and play lights.
  6. when I use the hardware utility everything works fine
  7. Just to help out this is the controller that i have. I have it hooked up by ethernet cable. Yes the control lights is checked. Ill try to turn off the WiFi and see if that helps, in my mind everything should be working but im sure there is something that i dont have checked or set right. I also am using the black adapter that came with my starter kit. i have been reading post for hours and trying different things that i read and also have looked through the help files. The 16 channel controllers are so much easier but i want to expand to better things. Thanks for any help.
  8. Ok i have looked and studied this for hours. I opened a sequence in pixel editor and sequenced a test arch. I saved the file and also saved an intensity file. when i open the sequence in sequencing editor the props show up. my problem is the lights wont work when i play the sequence. the light on my pixie controller is solid, and i have the control panel open with no luck. If i go into the the network editor and change to an enhanced network the controller light starts blinking. it will only stay solid when i uncheck the enhanced. I have it on the regular network because when i try to change it the controller will not connect. Just so you know i am new at the RGB side of this so i am not getting it somehow. I hope someone has some ideas. Thanks
  9. Do you have to have the pro version of the sequencing software to run the Super Star software?
  10. Thanks for that info. I was wondering about that.
  11. Is there a way to do a sequence in the pixel editor and transfer it to the sequencing editor? Are there any good tutorials on using the pixel editor? I have searched youtube and found some stuff but nothing that really helps
  12. I just went thru your tutorial really good info. I have one question i changed to the fastest speed, will that affect my regular controllers if I stay on one network. I am thinking of getting the red usb adapter. If I get one should i set up 2 networks. 1 for 16 channel controlers and 1 for RGB?
  13. i think i have figured it out, at least for now i have lights coming on and changing colors. i just need to figure out the sequencing part. dibblejr I will check your tutorial out i need all the help i can get.
  14. One thing I have noticed if it helps. When I have the Hardware utility open the light on the controller is solid red. If I close the utility the light starts blinking. So I am guessing I am having a connection problem but I am not understanding why
  15. Thanks for the response. I did figure out the unit ID. I don't know if you can tell me this or if someone else can. I know when I have my display set up I could control my lights with the sequencer editor if I needed to. Can the sequence editor control the ribbon also when I play the sequence? I feel like I am just missing something small that should be easy for me to figure out.
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