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  1. Sorry all. I have note received any pentatonix from anyone yet. Just a version of what does the fox say. I'm going to do a Pentatonix song next year. When i do I'll share.
  2. Sorry about that. email is avengers1205@gmail.com
  3. I was wondering how you place the banner at the bottom of your posts which state how many channels and lights you have? New to the LOR world, year 2, so I still have lots of rookie questions. Thanks all!
  4. This will be my second year using LOR. I have 3 songs done for this year so far, but am looking for some inspiration and would love to do a Pentatonix song. I have 208 channels. just looking for some ideas to get me started. If anyone has a sequence they could share it would be appreciated. My daughter would like to do what does the fox say as well. avengers1205@gmail.com
  5. if anyone has a copy I would be interested as well, avengers1205@gmail.com Thanks
  6. definitely!! I'll take a copy. One of my all time favorites. Thank you! avengers1205@gmail.com
  7. My I get a copy as well. Year 2 for me as well! avengers1205@gmail.com Thank you
  8. Hello James, Can I get a copy as well? Avengers1205@gamil.com Thanks!
  9. May I get a copy as well? Please and thank You!! Avengers1205@gmail.com
  10. If possible may I please get a copy as well. avengers1205@gmail.com Thank You !!
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