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  1. Sorry all. I have note received any pentatonix from anyone yet. Just a version of what does the fox say. I'm going to do a Pentatonix song next year. When i do I'll share.
  2. Sorry about that. email is avengers1205@gmail.com
  3. I was wondering how you place the banner at the bottom of your posts which state how many channels and lights you have? New to the LOR world, year 2, so I still have lots of rookie questions. Thanks all!
  4. This will be my second year using LOR. I have 3 songs done for this year so far, but am looking for some inspiration and would love to do a Pentatonix song. I have 208 channels. just looking for some ideas to get me started. If anyone has a sequence they could share it would be appreciated. My daughter would like to do what does the fox say as well. avengers1205@gmail.com
  5. if anyone has a copy I would be interested as well, avengers1205@gmail.com Thanks
  6. definitely!! I'll take a copy. One of my all time favorites. Thank you! avengers1205@gmail.com
  7. My I get a copy as well. Year 2 for me as well! avengers1205@gmail.com Thank you
  8. Hello James, Can I get a copy as well? Avengers1205@gamil.com Thanks!
  9. May I get a copy as well? Please and thank You!! Avengers1205@gmail.com
  10. If possible may I please get a copy as well. avengers1205@gmail.com Thank You !!
  11. Thanks for the advice all. My email is avengers1205@gmail.com
  12. Great song! I would be interested as well if its out there.
  13. Hello all. This will be my second year using LOR and 26th year decorating. I'm hoping someone can help me out with The classic "Christmas Vacation". if anyone is willing to share their show it would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for one with a mega tree if possible. If leaping arches are available as well that would be great, while I don't have them, I use the same program idea on lights I hang from trees (16 strands in triangle from) I purchased 6 more controllers this year for a total of 240 channels and have a very unique display which I hope to have video available soon from 2016. Thank You!
  14. Sorry I did not get back sooner to everyone. Thank You for all the helpful advice!!! My lights went on this last Sunday the 4th with no problems. I believe the issue was the audio cord followed my bundle of main extension cords from the house. I have the transmitter about 125 feet from the house in order to reach the street. I moved the audio cord away from the extension cords and that seems to have done the trick. This is a great community to be a part of and I'm sure I'll be posting again. lol
  15. Thank You all for the comments and welcomes. Weather you know it or not you all have helped me so much as I have been reading many posts in this forum and learning from you all. A little bit of an update. I had a audio splitter bought from light o rama sending signal to my speakers and the transmitter. I unplugged the speakers and plugged the transmitters line directly into the computer without the splitter, this seems to have reduced the sound by 90 percent. not sure whats up there but it works for now. Any additional comments are welcome. Please post if anyone has more suggestions. I'm still curious why I cant plug both in at the same time. Still, im going to buy a different transmitter in case the one I have now stops working or has issues again. Nothing wrong in having a back up. thinking about the mobile black box I've seen in some other posts and videos.
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