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  1. Do you have any left?? My email is larry4536@yahoo.com
  2. I’m running 4.4.4 and always use the 1st channel on controller #1 for my tune to sign and it works perfectly except for 3 sequences turn it off at the end I’ve checked also clicked the select row the turn on and it still seems to shut the light off at the end of the sequence.. yes I have the box in the show editor uncheck so the light should stay on like I said most of my sequence work perfectly but these three are really confusing me??
  3. Thanks!! my Email Larry4536@yahoo.com. Sounds like that will workout great with some cutting and pasteing
  4. I have the wire frames so no out line that’s why I’m only 7 channels
  5. Could I get a copy? I have four of the standard 7 channel pumpkin faces
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