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  1. I am going to organize a block party where everyone brings food/snacks, and at the end of the event I'm going to light my display. I figure that will be a fun way to get the neighbors involved in it, and hey they can't complain if they don't come :P. I am in a new neighborhood and this will be my first display as well. I think there will be a lot of people interested to show up if not just to meet all their new neighbors. I wouldn't send a letter either. You don't want the idea planted in their head that Christmas could potentially be a traffic nightmare lol.
  2. Unfortunately I live in a very strict association which really limits any decorations that are not attached to the house. Even later on if I wanted more firesticks than 3 I couldn't really fit them anywhere as the house isn't that big. I'm thinking I can get away with a few mini trees though :P. Also the thought of weight on the lights did occur to me, but I will have the rabbit wire fastened at different points along the wall so the weight won't bend it or anything. It will be sitting right against the house so no problem there.
  3. That is a very cool display! Love the lights that shoot down the mega tree and run along the ground. I assume the power drill technique is dependent on how the sticks are made. I have used rabbit wire to build the frame so that way none of the lights are hidden behind for instance a solid piece of PVC pipe. I only have 3 of these to build and don't mind wrapping them by hand. Just the fact that these are wire frames has me on edge to spin the lights on to them. Especially if there are any unrefined edges that might be a little sharp.
  4. I will definitely give an odd number of channels a try in the visualizer. I was worried about the directional properties of the 5mm lights as I want the firesticks to look "smoother." I think the larger m5 bulbs will help with that. Thank you very much for the input!
  5. Hello everyone. Over the course of the last few days I have built 3 9ft firestick frames that will be one of the core elements in my display. My question is what style of LED light would be most effective on these? I will definitely be using warm white but I am debating between the m5 bulb type and the 5mm. I know the 5mm is really an intense light due to the small surface area that the light is diffused on. Do you think the 5mm would be too intense with obvious small light points? Or possibly the m5 style would look too dim? Also each firestick will have 8 sections and I assume 70 lights per
  6. I love the contrast between the traditional mini lights and the RGBs on the roof. Very dramatic. The flood lights really give it a more full look too. Nice display.
  7. Yes I did purchase the advanced version of the software. I used the demo for a couple weeks prior to ordering everything and learned the basics.
  8. Hello everyone! Very excited to get in to this hobby. I have always loved decorating for Christmas but now that I have a decent sized single family home to decorate I thought what better time to get in to Christmas light choreography. I have already planned my whole show for this year and will use a mix of green incandescent minis for that warm traditional glow, and warm white LEDs. I have purchased 3 16 channel controllers and the 10w 8 pack RGB flood set. My plan is to differentiate my show through the choreography rather than sheer volume of lights. As a song writer/performer I plan to use
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