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  1. 1. Smooth jazz keyboard player Well... not quite the list others have compiled but uh.. I guess I can't complain with that haha.
  2. The starter package is definitely the way to go. If there's one thing I can say it's that you'll start with a couple controllers and the multi lights, and about 5 days later you'll want 3 more controllers and RGB. I am starting out this year and my original plan had been to outline the house and white and green. Needless to say about 2 months after that concept I'm in to RGB strips and floods too. Anyways, yes the starter package is the way to go. Advanced software is a good choice as you will want and use those features. The usb45 is great. If you can connect to your computer that's definitely the way to go in my book. Dumb RGB is definitely not too complicated. I was able to learn the hardware and sequencing for the floods and strips in just a couple days of experimenting with no prior experience. In my opinion the RGB 8 pack of floods is definitely something that is worth it as an addition to your lights as it will really "fill up" the show and remove any dark spots. That is of course if you have the money. The summer sale may be coming up soon so it may be worth it to hold off on a purchase, but then again here we are in July so waiting too long could make this year hectic.
  3. These kinds of projects never work. The problem is that all of the money would have to be raised by anyone within driving distance of the display. If I live in California I don't care about literally paying for a display in New York. I have nothing against the project creator but this is just not a good idea. Just the fact that the display is already so large gives off a weird vibe to the project. I suggest taking time on the sequencing which doesn't require any cash. There are plenty of elements in this display to create an engaging show but all I saw was a whole bunch of flashing.
  4. Vladimir Puttin-up-light strings (Kind of cheated for comedic effect)
  5. Happy 4th to you as well! If I wasn't so darn busy I'd put up some RGB floods and my firesticks and throw a display together.. Oh well. On to Halloween!
  6. Thanks for the response guys. I am holding off on DMX as it's my first year and I don't want to over-complicate the setup.
  7. Darn! Guess I'll be using them as steady atmospheric lights then. Definitely could still work very well in a Halloween display. Thank you for the response
  8. Has anyone used this Gemmy Kaleidoscope light in their display with LOR?: http://www.gemmy.com/Outdoor_Kaleidoscope_Spotlight_Multi_p/88579.htm wondering if it would be safe to use with a controller just with full on/off commands. If anyone has experience using these with LOR please advise. Thanks guys
  9. If I click a pen that's been sitting on my desk does that make me a national sports hero?
  10. I have been on a sequencing binge. So far I have: Joy To The World - Brian Culbertson Pretty Young Thing - Michael Jackson Billie Jean - Michael Jackson Black Or White - Michael Jackson Suite From The Polar Express Jingle Bells - Frank Sinatra Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars Originally I had not been thinking about pop songs being so viable from a choreography perspective but I have found that as long as I am careful about the amount of beat-driven flashes there are plenty of intricacies in the beats to make the show engaging.
  11. I burst in to the waiting room at the doctor's office; partially cut strings of lights wrapped around my neck and draped over my shoulder. A soldering iron dangled out of my pocket, and a mini tree dragged behind me on a battered piece of spt1 wire that was stuck around my ankle. In an instant everyone in the room peered up at what was probably one of the most horrific scenes they'd experienced in their life. I breathed heavily and trembled as if suffering from an extreme withdrawal of some kind. Before a single thought occurred to me I blew past the receptionist and darted down the hall towards the nearest doctor I could find. After checking 3 rooms I found a doctor sitting down at a desk taking notes. I flew in and ran right up to him. "Doctor! Please, you have to help me! I have never felt this sick in my life!" Although he was clearly in shock of what was standing in front of him, he answered calmly. "What seems to be the proble-." He paused, and took the time to look me over for the majority of a minute. "Ahh. I see," he said as if he knew all too well. "You may need to sit down." He gestured to the chair that was just to the side of me. He then proceeded to tell me what was very likely the biggest realization of my medical history...in just a meager 5 seconds. "I'm sorry," he began. "I have bad news." "You have the CLAP." Safe to say that night the local 7/11 did not have a fraction of the amount of Tylenol I needed. Fortunately, they did have plenty of scotch. Of course the reality is my neighbor set up a large Light O Rama display and got me interested in it several years ago. But I'd like to think if he hadn't this might have been the start. But hey, there's still many years for that! Lol. Hope someone got a chuckle out of this. Not sure why I decided to write this, much less post it, but hey it's 4am, I'm bored and I can't sleep worth a darn. Now to build my third firestick frame and the mini trees...
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