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    If you mean is there a certain order that they should be chained in (like unit id 1, then 2, then 3), then no there is not. They can be chained in any order regardless of the unit ID.
  2. I still have to build the PVC window frames and buy an FM transmitter. I also need to purchase a couple dumb ribbons but Light O Rama is currently out of stock.. apparently they'll be in in October so fingers crossed for that. Man.. this is fun lol.
  3. The association (actually 2 associations... yes 2) that dictate rules in our neighborhood limit Christmas lights (just hanging on the house, not just powered on) to 30 days before and 30 days after Christmas. I'm going to try and get away with putting up lights on Thanksgiving day so I can turn on that night. I doubt anyone will even notice the one day discrepancy. I hope.. lol
  4. I got incredibly lucky. The streetlight in front of my house has a dim bulb in it. It's about half the brightness of the other high pressure sodium lights in the neighborhood, but it's not so dim that anyone will notice it needs replacing. It's just enough light to hit the driveway and give some security, but if for example I turn the porch light on it drowns it out completely.
  5. Hello, my name is Grant. Over the course of the last 4 months I have alienated my family, collected a stack of dishes next to my computer that is now a 1 to 1 scale replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, developed a nervous twitch whenever I hear Christmas music, have burned through so many keyboards through sequencing that I made up half of Microsoft's 2nd quarter earnings for 2016, and have listened to more music in the last 6 and a half days than the entire listening base of iTunes has in the last year. Okay, so I exaggerated a little bit. The point is this hobby is addicting, and if you like the idea of this then definitely sign up and introduce yourself. Don't worry, you can't sound as insane as I just have
  6. It all depends on the person. For me it took about a week to figure out how everything works together, and maybe a couple more days to learn the sequencing software. It was second nature by the end of the first month. Any questions that arise are almost always answered here. The forums are filled with great people, most of which are more experienced than me. 32 channels is a good start for sure, and assuming you have a decent amount of free time you should have no problem putting this together for this year.
  7. Shoot! I'm only a gold member. Guess that means I'll be putting them up with an old broom handle and some duck tape.
  8. Wait. We have to hang lights? I'm in way over my head here... lol
  9. It was hard for me to go LED because I love incandescent bulbs but the power draw would just be too much. I am using a select few red incandescents and the instant response and fading curves are different so I know what you mean.
  10. I have considered making a medley of shortened Michael Jackson tunes because I have sequenced 3 of them. I agree, with this many channels it's difficult to keep the show engaging after 3 or so minutes. A lot of the sequencing I've done here is "painting" the house in different colors which is nice because it mitigates the flashing, but still the movement gets repetitive. If I go the medley route I think I'll keep this one as a second version of this sequence as I think a lot of this "painting" effect would be an awesome backdrop to a couple mega trees and other props that I will add next year. Thanks for taking the time to watch it and leave feedback. This forum is awesome.
  11. They are firesticks basically. I used singular bulb props to make them because it allows me to quickly see sections while sequencing.
  12. Hello. This is a visualization of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean." I told myself I wouldn't do pop music but I found that sequencing them can be very nuanced without the repetitive flashing that I was worried about. This is one of my first sequences so any feedback is greatly appreciated. All I can ask is that you watch the whole thing because there are some cool changes of elements throughout the song. ALSO: I realize this visualizer setup is unconventional, but this setup allows me to see very clearly what's going on as everything is very bold.
  13. I had to read that twice! 8k feet? That's insane lol. I'm sure there are a lot of people on the forums with numbers like that but I can barely comprehend that much wire run. Awesome.
  14. Right click one of the channels on the left side of the sequence editor, and click "Insert RGB channels > Insert Multiple RGB channels. For each CMB24-D you will need to add 8 RGB channels. Each RGB channel contains 3 colored channels automatically so you will end up with 24 channels.
  15. I'll probably be sequencing until set up time. I've got about 50 minutes of sequences so far and I'm not sure I need that much more but hey when has that stopped me lol.
  16. That was AWESOME. That pixel arrangement in front of your door and behind your tune to sign is fantastic. The sweeping motions are right on time and the shape really allows for some great sequencing. I love the dramatic look of the floods angled down on the garage. Also loved how you finished the show with the last four timpani/brass hits turning off elements. Very very nice.
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