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  1. Setup is done! Hooked everything up and had a flawless first run so that's either luck or good planning lol. Tomorrow night is going to be fun! Neighbors already seem to love it from what they saw during my test run so I don't expect any issues there. Now to get some videos so I can share with all of you the display, good or bad haha.
  2. After reading some of these posts I feel pretty lucky that I get to hang up lights with temperatures in the low 60s. My setup starts in 3 days... wow that got here fast.. I hope to have everything ready for thanksgiving night. Tall order to set it all up in 3 days but I have a clear schedule so I can work 12 hours a day if need be. I'm pretty low tech. Just some standard AC controller and some RGB floods so there's not too much that can go wrong. (now watch my computer die lol). Only bummer is one of the three days I have scheduled for setup there's a chance of rain. Oh well, this is Vegas, that's probably not going to happen lol.
  3. My setup will start the 21st. I really can't believe how fast this time came. Luckily I've been able to complete all of the pre-setup stuff without any problems, so now it's just a waiting game. It's weird.. most people think putting up lights is a hassle, but I find it hard to wait another 19 days to do it.. Why can't I feel this way about house chores?
  4. Killed it man. Really good! You expressed all the little nuances of the song perfectly. It's very artistic, very architectural... you've really got something going on here.
  5. You forgot to take a couple more beer breaks! *Sighs* amateurs..
  6. We use those same metal racks in our garage for storage. They're really nice and solid. This is a great idea. I can imagine the garage door rolling up and you wheeling this out, and the neighbors looking out the window say to themselves "It's time." Lol
  7. You've been waiting to say that haven't you ;p
  8. So, I was presented with a design challenge on how to mount the 10w floods I purchased on the eave of my house. the catch (catches) were; 1: Tile roof, 2: The tile hung out over the fascia by a couple inches, and 3: I did not want to nail or screw anything in to the roof. So I needed to build a mount that would attach to the fascia, yet be able to reach up and over the tile to aim the flood on the second story wall. Here's my solution.. I used a closet organizer track as the main arm (just cut it to size), a couple basic (but strong) clamps, a metal "T" bracket and some bolts and washers. All products were bought at Lowe's. Cost a total of about $8 per mount. There are holes already drilled at even spaces along the track, and there are also holes drilled in the "t" bracket and the handle of the RGB flood. This did not require any drilling by me. The "t" bracket is mounted just as the letter is written, with the one arm sticking down below the fascia, and that is where I bolted in the closet organizer track. They are very strong (and they have to be to stand up to the 75mph gusts we get here) and don't require any screwing in to the fascia. Just thought I'd share in case anyone is ever looking to do something similar.
  9. Oh yeah.. Uhhh. Wait a second while I check myself in to the senior home because I think I just had quite the senior moment. Scary considering I was a teenager less than a month ago..
  10. That's crazy! My setup won't even begin until November 21st. You guys are serious early birds
  11. I hope a Beverly Hills estate also comes with that because I don't have enough room for even a quarter of that LOL. Seriously though... sorry you have to stop the display.. sounds like it was incredible..
  12. Getting a head start on Halloween eh? What an ingenious system. All this time I thought we needed to plug something in to our controllers to make a display, little did I know we could just set out a controller and let the display come to us! Brilliant!
  13. At first I thought "Eh, it's okay," and then the beat dropped and it got intense. Your sequencing really captures the essence of the song. That was killer dude. Epic.
  14. Stay safe. You're in our thoughts. Give those pixels my regards too!
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