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  1. Yeah I have been working on this a lot too. Not so much on the electrical side but more on working out better and easier mounting solutions for my props. Over the years the setup had become rather convoluted and needed to re-thought. Unfortunately the local home improvement stores don't have a summer sale for their mounting hardware hahaha.
  2. I picked up 2 of the Pixie16 packages with 16 strings of 50 bullet pixels, a few pixel extensions and a gift card for later use. Every year when I'm outside watching the show I'm thinking to myself "This looks pretty much done.. doesn't need much more.." but inevitably I find ways to add more props and buy more stuff...
  3. Happy Easter! God bless.
  4. Length: 16'' Width 12 1/2'' The Plug is 3 prong
  5. For some reason my order confirmation email was marked as spam by gmail. You may want to check your spam folder if you haven't already.
  6. I have been thinking about how this whole Covid-19 situation has brought to light (pun intended) how incredible this crazy Christmas lighting hobby is. It is an amazing creative outlet and I'm sure it has kept many of us sane during these quarantine lockdowns, but more than that it has given us the ability to share the joy of Christmas with everyone who passes by our homes. This year more than ever people need something to lift their spirits. In a time that has been shrouded in uncertainty, we have an incredible opportunity to make amazing memories for so many families this Christmas season and close out the year on a high point. Our lights will be a bright spot (pun intended again) during dark times.
  7. I was just about to purchase a couple CCR controllers with the 100 pixel strands. I guess I had assumed there was not going to be a mad grab sale this year but thanks to my procrastination in ordering them I held off just long enough to see the sale announcement. That was pretty lucky... Now I just have to make sure I can click order fast enough lol.
  8. Thankfully I haven't caught the virus but since I'm a full time musician there will not be any gigs until the Nevada lockdown is lifted. Fortunately I am not in a dire financial situation and the government stimulus checks will certainly be nice. I wish everyone the best in recovering from this very unusual and crazy situation.
  9. So excited to hear that it's in Vegas this year! Definitely going to stop by and check it out.
  10. Technically I'm not "adding" anything but I am installing my display on a friend's house who is out-of-state. Well I guess that means I'm adding 100% new sequencing and installation methods lol. She lives on the water in California and the setting is so incredible I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I actually already made the new preview for it and sequenced a couple songs so she could see what it will look like. Here's a youtube video of the preview:
  11. I've been using s5 since beta, and I personally think it's a great piece of software. Contrary to many views here I actually found it much more intuitive than s4. The integration of the old "pixel editor" in to the new main sequencer alone was worth the switch. I also love how the new previews work. If anyone is new to this hobby I would always recommend starting with s5; especially if you use pixels.
  12. We had hail here in Vegas yesterday as well. The storm that blew through our area ended up dropping a possible tornado about 50 miles away. Good thing I waited to set up the display...
  13. In regards to how you set the time that a show will run in the schedule editor, I think it might be pretty cool and intuitive to simply be able to click and drag between two points in time, and "paint" an event. Then you would right-click that event and choose which file / show would run within it. Those events could be color-coded and copy/pasted to other days of the week. I find that when I try to add a show to the schedule, being thrown into a separate window breaks up the work flow. Just an idea I had. Also, being able to clear multiple shows at a time would be amazing. It is very tedious to delete them one at a time. Thanks for taking input from us. I can't wait to see whatever it is you come up with.
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