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  1. Ok I solved my initial problem. For anyone who might have the same issue, the problem was with the DMX device. The spot light has a digital display and it was defaulting to a “base” address of A140. I reset this to A001 and it worked! Hope this saves someone a few hours in the future!
  2. Hello all. I have read several strings where folks were having issues integrating DMX into their LOR network using an iDMX1000. The facts just haven't lined up with my issue, so I decided to try a new thread. I apologize if I missed this one out there somewhere. I have run LOR shows the last two years. I wanted to add some moving spot lights this year, so trying to learn DMX a bit. I recently purchased the iDMX1000. I have connected my computer to the USB485, a CAT5 cable from the UBS485 to the iDMX1000, and a DMX cable from the iDMX1000 to the moving spot. I have powered
  3. Nevermind I figured it out. Had an ID conflict on one of the circuits.
  4. Thanks to all for the responses. I had not properly added the device - such a simple fix! For some reason this morning (wasn't happening before), the red is no longer working in sequence editor. I checked in the hardware utility and I can control all three colors. When I add in the sequence editor after adding the device, blue and green are fine but red isn't. I checked the wires and all good. Again, I also checked in hardware utility and red responds fine. Any ideas? I set it up the same way as I did before when all three colors responded fine in SE. Thanks again!
  5. Hello all, I apologize for my ignorance in this area so far. I am brand new and trying to just get my setup right as a starting point. I purchased the basic setup from Light-O-Rama with the CTB16PC controller, RS485 adapter, software, etc. I also purchased the CMB24D DMX controller and 8 10W flood package (with a 12V power supply). My goal is to just to make a simple sequence of the floods fading between colors for a stage production (as my first project - on to the house decorating next year). I have been able to test a flood light as set up correctly using the Hardware Utility.
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