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  1. Morales Home

    Rgb in SE

    Thank you @sax. You just answered alot of my RGB sequencing questions from the last year in a single post. ????
  2. LMAO!!! Thanks for the heads up. I see it now. Forgot that you power the board with a power supply. Thanks again
  3. I'm guessing that goes between power outlet and the board? Wall outlet -- inline fuse -- controller -- pixels?
  4. Great advice everyone. Few more questions. 12v or 5v??? Which is easier to work with? Does the brightness differ much?
  5. Ok. I see now. Thank you so much. Looks like I'll be ordering a few Pixie 4 controllers. I love this forum. Good place for rookies like myself
  6. I was looking at the Pixie 4/6 and I don't see any power terminals. Will I have to connect the string directly to the power supplies or am I just not seeing it on the actual board?
  7. That makes alot of sense. I'll look into the other smaller controllers. Thanks for the advice
  8. The wife told me last night that she didn't like our C9 LEDs that were on the perimeter of the house last year. She told me I should just get the "nicer looking" color changing bulbs ( RGB). I immediately jumped for joy as is expected!!! I now have to figure this out before the summer sale is over. I plan on using the CCB strings to line the perimeter of my roof. The question is POWER. LOR Website says Pixie16 Smart Pixel Controller can handle 16 strings of 100 pixels. Saying I connect 16 strings of 100 CCBs, will 1 light o rama power supply connected to each side of the board (2 total) be enough to power all strings? Only experience I have with RGB is a set of 8 floods on a CMB24D. Not much power needed for those. Thanks
  9. So true. I'll just get a HSRS485 to save me some unexpected headaches. Hopefully running 2 networks won't be complicated. If i understand correctly, it should just be a matter of assigning the RGB controllers to the new network and seperate comm port right?
  10. They look really good. I'll consider this method and keep you posted if I get it going. I knew I should've started with pixels first ?. I'm just trying to incorporate those strings this year. It won't affect my display if I can't get it going. Worth a try though.
  11. Thanks for the help. Just to clarify, I won't have any lag with these 4 controllers running on the same network (daisy chain)?
  12. Last year was my first synchronized display. I used (1) CMB24D with 8 floods, (1) CTB16PC, USB-RS485 Adapter with Booster, Basic Plus level license, and I use the LOR Sequence Editor. Family and friends loved our show last year. During this year's LOR Spring Sale, I ordered another CTB16PC and a Plug n Show CCBulb 100 bulb set with controller (wanted to get my feet wet in the pixel world). Now I have a few of questions. 1. Will I need to upgrade my License Level to use all 4 of these controllers this year? 2. Will I need to add an "enhanced network?" If so, do I need to purchase a USB-RS485-HS and which controllers do I put on that network? 3. Can arches be created with the CCBulb 100 bulb set with controller? If so, has anyone done this and do you have any pictures, videos or advice on how to do it? I know this is a lot to ask but any help is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU
  13. Thank you. Looks like I'm going to have my first pixel tree this year. So excited and scared. ????
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