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  1. Daniel, I will create a visualizer file for it and see if that helps you any. If not, no worries.
  2. After some initial experiments, I sadly think that the version Mega Arch sent is a little too advanced for my current level. Guess I am gonna have to work on upping my game. LoL. But wow, it certainly is super impressive. Amazing job man! In the meantime, anyone else here have any other version that they might be willing to lend out?
  3. MegaArch, that’s awesome. It’s jrmorgenfilms@hotmail.com . Thanks!
  4. @dibblejr I would be interested in a copy, and the special instructions. Thanks for sharing! jrmorgenfilms@hotmail.com
  5. Does anyone have an LOR sequence for Stranger Things theme, or the c418 mix ("Stranger Think"), that they would be willing to share? Sorry to ask. I have only seen one for sale, but I don't even have any more budget left, since I had to pay over $700 to fix my AC last week. And because of my FT job, I will not have the time to try build one myself this year. If you do, I would be so immensely grateful and I would give you give you full thanks and a shoutout when I record the video of it. Any channel count would be ok.
  6. Got it James. Thanks man!!! I truly appreciate it! Happy Lighting!
  7. Thank you so much James. Sure, it's jrmorgenfilms@hotmail.com
  8. Hey guys. I am trying to put together a last minute show for my Halloween Display. Alot of my display got damaged in the hurricane, and I have been spending much of my time and budget on repairs. :-( I was really hoping to do a Beetlejuice show, but have had a real hard time finding the time to do more than just a short 30 second test. Does anyone have an existing sequence that they would be willing to share to help me pull this off? It can be either the original theme, or the Dubstep remix by Figure. I will be using a 16channel controller along with a CCB dual string, but any channel
  9. As for 32 channel ones, yes, I am already building a collection for when I get more controllers. Could even be this year, who knows. lol. Kingfish, I have done several google searches, and came up with a few things, but not all were suitable for my layout. Never hurts to try a fresh perspective. :-)
  10. Thanks Need More Lights! Appreciate the warm welcome. Email is jrmorgenfilms@hotmail.com And yeah, I def have the bug. Been wanting to upgrade for last two years, but timing wasnt right. Thanks to my Christmas bonus, its finally time. :-D As for the Mrs., she is DEF understanding. She loves it. She bought me a shirt that says "Lighting Engineer" ;-)
  11. Hey gang! Like Goldie I am new to the wonderful world of Light O Rama. The last few years I have been using Mr Christmas to power my displays, but this year I am upgrading to LOR. I too am starting off with a single 16channel controller and am looking for a few good sequences to start off with and learn my way around. Any help would be awesome! Thanks guys, and glad to be a part of this forum. :-)
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