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  1. Yes, s4 pe making custom prop. What I am doing basically is make a large pixel tree and cutting it into 2 parts. Just making 2 trees and using 1 on top and 1 on bottom doesn't make them sync as 1 tree. Spirals and other effects don't look right. Making a custom prop and setting all the channels like I need each string to do will make it act as one big tree. They are going to be added to a real tree we do this with. Part on porch, part on porch roof, so it looks like growing through the roof. I can also set where I want strings to start to make connections where I want them. Works well, just ta
  2. I have figured out what I needed to do. Maybe this will help others. When assigning numbers to your prop, you have to think of them as a 4 digit number. Pixels you want on "channel 1" or string 1, you can just enter that number, such as pixel 1 is 1, pixel 55 is 55. Pixels you want on channel or string 2, you have to enter as 1### . so pixel 1 on string 2 would be 1001. Pixel 55 on string 2 would be number 1055. This will let you assign channels to each string. Hope this helps somebody.
  3. Using s4 pro. 4.4. Trying to design a custom prop that need 800 bulbs, or 2400 channels for pixie16 board. Editor let's me build prop, but assigns all bulbs to one controller and won't carryover to next controller if, or let me add more controller id's like when using premade shapes. Thoughts?
  4. Been trying a few things in pixel editor, figured out channel assignments but can't get carryover to go to another channel. Wants to keep all bulbs on one channel.
  5. Looking for some input on how to do this. We do a large tree on our porch, part on porch, part on roof so it looks like growing through the roof. I want to add pixels to it but want the effects to line up for spirals and more so appears to be one big tree. Using s4 pro and not sure how to set up prop since the 2 sections have to be wired separately. I want 16 vertical strands with 75 total pixels per strand, 25 on roof, 50 on porch. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. I am trying to get a better understanding of how to add dmx lights to lor. I have a dj business and have a lot of dmx lights. I am very familiar with dmx and programing my dmx lights with my controllers for dj work. I would like to add them into lor displays. I know I could run them separate, but my end goal would be to make a sequence using lor that includes the dmx lights. So far, my understanding is I could add a idmx1000, which would plug into a controller outside, and then hook my dmx lights to that and editor would allow them added and program them. Also I believe I can plug a dongle int
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