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  1. This forum was originally called "LOR CCD." However the LOR product line has expanded since then and the CCD name isn't used as prominently. The new name should better reflect the purpose of the forum.
  2. Bob, I'm not sure what is going on. On my admin account, user account, and as a guest, the icons are back. Visiting the site via http forces over to a https connection. Are you saying that you still don't see the icons that were there before?
  3. You should be using https to access the forums. Will see if I can force it on people. Will check on images. Didn't think the setting was changed, but will have to look (in a few hours.)
  4. Update: October 17, 2020 - The help desk is being relocated to a new location. It should be online later today.
  5. We are currently experiencing intermittent email issues with the help desk at this time. These issues are resulting in email replies that are sent by staff members to NOT be sent out. This also affects your ability to be notified that your ticket was submitted and the ticket number to track any responses. Engineers are currently investigating the issue and will be working on a prompt resolution.
  6. Update Soon the forums will be forced into https mode, which will bring back the missing icons. Change over will probably happen over the weekend.
  7. Please don't cross post. Moved to Sequence Sharing.
  8. Yeah, those are Font Awesome icons. Something in the upgrade seems to have broken it, but I've got no idea where to look on this platform. Will ask.
  9. There may have been a structural change. On my user account I attempted to embed this image. https://www.donteague.com/media/logo-286-150.png It worked.
  10. Will have to keep looking. Seems there were quite a few changes in the admin side of things as well.
  11. This one might not get resolved tonight. It may be that the hooks this code relied on is gone. Normally a new version would be the answer, but the makers site no longer seems operational.
  12. August 24 thru September 4 EXTENDED! - September 7! TryForFree is back! Yes, there will be a 2020 Summer Sale!
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