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  1. You'd set the time of the effect when you are building the effect. The part of the timeline that's showing at top ultimately has no bearing on where the effect it. It's what you define it as in the various windows at used when creating the effect.
  2. Superstar shows 8 seconds across the top. It loads, however, everything that you put in it. Look next to the Play button and you will see a > and >>. Use those to move along the timeline.
  3. Don

    Where to start??

    I'd start with the LOR page under the Getting Started section. https://www1.lightorama.com/
  4. You can run up to 16 LOR Networks in a show.
  5. Just real quick.. there is no such thing as a 4 port mini director. All mini directors are 1 port, 1 network. (Yes, I'm picky, but words mean things.) @dibblejr- You want to comment on the Pixie?
  6. It really doesn't matter when you have the string start/stop (in 99% of the cases.) If the software knows Pixel 1 is on the left and 50 is on the right, and you tell it to do a left to right chase, it will. If Pixel 50 is on the left and Pixel 1 is on the right, and you tell it to a left to right chase, it will do a left to right chase. Take the Preview you have and start programming something. Anything. Don't worry about the music right now, just make it do something and you'll see what I mean.
  7. A Pixie 16 starting at 05 would use 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 0A, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. Since I don't know your setup, I don't know if this would introduce any ID conflicts. However, I would personally suggest #1 Pixie start at 10, and #2 pixie start at 20.
  8. Sorry. Didn't see this. Yes, there is a dial in available. I'll get it updated before the next one.
  9. It was something I was tinkering with.
  10. I have a LOR hat? Hmm.. sounds like something I should get. :)
  11. The Light-O-Rama Community Zoom Room meets tonight. Join us here! --> https://zoom.us/j/92255626716 We start at 8:00pm Eastern tonight!
  12. Don

    MIDI 2.0

    Saw this story today, and thought it was interesting. Things could get interesting! https://getpocket.com/explore/item/an-update-to-a-37-year-old-digital-protocol-could-profoundly-change-the-way-music-sounds
  13. There are a LOT of resources on S5. Check out YouTube for some examples. Search for Luminous Harmony on YouTube to get some ideas. You could also check out the First Year Start Here course in my signature. Might not be exactly what you are looking for, but thought I'd mention it.
  14. Oh come on! The reprise is the best part of this version of SSB! Boston fan, and not shy about it. - But no, I don't have a version without it.
  15. There isn't really a tutorial that I'm aware of. In short, it's one channel/fixture per dot/pixel in the animation screen. If you have 4 different LED colors on a bush/tree, you are going to have 4 dots. I forget if it even handles RGB correctly or not. Personally? I wouldn't focus on the Animation window. I'd focus my time/energy on S5 and the built in Preview. Back when I started (2004/05) that was all we had, and my first animations were nothing more than dots on the screen. The Visualizer (s4) and Preview (s5) are light years ahead (bad pun) of the Animation window. Strongly recommend learning those. (And s5 in particular)
  16. Personally, I'd strongly recommend migrating to S5. If you want to program everything in the SE, it's going to be easier to do in S5.
  17. Your profile says S5, but the Visualizer isn't in S5, it's in S4. What version are you using?
  18. I know there were some supply issues over the past 12 months or so due to covid, but I wouldn't expect them to be permanent.
  19. Which item did you look at that was sold out? I'm only seeing one specific item type, but was doing a quick scan.
  20. For RGB lighting you will want to look here, here and here. The 16 channel controllers do NOT run RGB lighting.
  21. Right now I can't justify a course on S4, thus I don't have anything planned for S4. I could do an S4 session, but it'd have to be a one on one deal. You can use this page/form. I'd customize it for S4.
  22. I know, I know, this thread is a year old, but ... The training course is finally out...
  23. Looks like there's nothing new out there I've missed then. :) Thanks all!
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