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  1. The "default" directory that the Simple Show Builder needs to see is the one I mentioned above. Go to the LOR Hub (it's on your computer) and use the "Create new SD Card Show" option (verbiage might be off, but you'll know it.) You can choose any directory you want that way.
  2. @azfrankp - Did you see this reply?
  3. Simple Show Builder will only look in your default Sequences directory. If you haven't changed it, then it's going to be the 'My Documents'/Light-O-Rama/Sequences directory. You would either need to move your files there, or use the regular show builder. And which version of the software are you using? Your profile says S5, but that version doesn't use LMS files.
  4. If you only have a 16 channel controller, you have a LOT of extra stuff in there. AC controllers use 1 circuit (channel) per plug, so the Unit 01 Circuit 17 is an issue. All of that is configured in the Design tab.
  5. Assume that your show has Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland, Let it Snow running. If you open and edit Frosty the Snowman, nothing happens. If you open and edit one of the songs in the show, it might (or might not) reread the file. (Someone jump in here. It's been too long.) If you want to add Frosty to the show while it's running, it (should) restart. (Someone correct me on the finer details, I'm mush this time of year.)
  6. If you know what you are doing, and you really understand what VLAN's are ... so long as the overall traffic from your DMX doesn't overload the capacity of the router, you'd be okay. (In my opinion.)
  7. 1. Use an external place to host your images. Link to the image here. 2. You say you downloaded S4, but your profile says S5? Are these S4 files you are loading in S4?
  8. Check out these two links. They will give you ideas. http://www.lorfaq.com/show-scheduling-example-1/ http://www.lorfaq.com/show-scheduling-example-2/ Keep in mind, the software will STOP an animation sequence at the end of a show. It will CONTINUE a musical sequence. There are those who have the opinion that you will not want to do this, and just let the songs play through. Your call though.
  9. I've heard nothing of a crossover being needed for this device. Don't try it. I was able to connect to one with my laptop. Just make sure you have your local computer set to talk to the PixieLink.
  10. I know, I know, some of you want to stay on Windows 10. But those who want to move to Windows 11, and you are unable to do so, then see this article. It contains a MS Approved registry hack to bypass some of the requirements. https://www.theverge.com/22715331/how-to-install-windows-11-unsupported-cpu-intel-amd-registry-regedit
  11. Mini director has only 1 network. If your controllers are all new (last 7-8 years) then they should all be able to run on the same network/director. If you have very old, Gen 1 16 channel controllers, and are using new CCR's, then you would have to get a N2G4 or N4G4 director.
  12. Is it assigned to UnitID 01? Then yes, it will do the same thing.
  13. What types of controllers? How are you connecting the ELL to the computer?
  14. True. That said, I was assuming that someone just trying to expand this years show wasn't going to try and run multiple networks. :)
  15. Yes. The controllers are listening and hear everything that is sent to them. They ignore information that's not assigned to them. So if you have two #3's connected they both respond to instructions sent to UnitID 03.
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