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  1. Looks like there's nothing new out there I've missed then. :) Thanks all!
  2. What software are you folks using to create Medley's? I've done a lot with Audacity over the years, and have no issues with it, but was wondering if there were other programs people might be using that I'm not aware of.
  3. Don


    Your profile says 5.5.18, but there is no Visualizer in S5. What version of the software are you using? Are you using S5 and the Preview Window?
  4. Try adding as Prop, and use "Tree 360 Tiers" Set it to 1 Tier. Then you use the Copy Prop function to generate the other 15.
  5. Your first year with a light show can be overwhelming, especially if you wait until later in the fall to start planning. There are so many different types of hardware to research and software terms and tools to learn, it can feel difficult to figure out where to begin. The "First Year - Start Here" training course, a collaboration by Light-O-Rama partner companies Synchronized Christmas and Luminous Harmony, turns all of the options and information into a step-by-step guide for your first year with a Light-O-Rama powered show. This course has nearly 90 minutes of video spread over the 7 m
  6. The channels being out of order on that one screen is the last thing I'd worry about. Until you know where the various parts of the faces are going to be hooked up to *your* controllers, changing them in the Preview is simply a waste of time.
  7. I just created one that's 4 hours long. I got a warning that it's over an hour and "Do you want to continue" ... said yes, and it was done. So, don't worry about Orville's scary post. You can still do long animation sequences. :)
  8. The question was long ago answered. We don't need to be adding unnecessary stuff to a resolved thread.
  9. If you rename a Preview in the Preview Window in an attempt to Save As a new copy ... that won't work. The only thing it will do is rename the Preview. Look in the Previews tab, there is a "copy" button, at least in version 5.5.16. I don't know how long it's bee there. (4th icon, btw) From there you can make a copy of the Preview and give it a new name.
  10. Go ahead and upgrade your license level. Nothing says that you have to move to a higher software version. Yes, you're licensed for a higher version, but you don't *have* to install it. You can run any version UP TO what's on your license.
  11. Take a look at Typical Setups. Replace the Speaker in each image with the FM Transmitter. You just connect it to the Audio Out of your computer.
  12. Sequencer - Window (menu at top of screen) -> Reset Window Layout
  13. Help someone in the future ... go ahead and give your answers. Never know who will find the info later on.
  14. There we go. Honestly, that's what I thought, but didn't remember where the text was.
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