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  1. Pixie 16 will use 16 ID's Pixie 8, 8 ID's, Pixie 4, 4 ID's, etc. You need to adjust your addressing.
  2. LOR is aware and has reached out to BitDefender about the issue.
  3. You'd be amazed at how many people have done that. Starting in 5.5.16 the Show Editor will default to the Musical Tab.
  4. The wheel sucks. It only goes round and round. Must build better wheel. :)
  5. A few things going on here. 1. Controllers themselves don't know (or care) what network they are on. You define the network via the Sequencer and the LOR Network Preferences program. 2. "and not like 40 like how it came from the factory" - Controllers come with 01 as their LOR ID. The "40" you might be referring to is the assignment for purchased LOR sequences. Set the address of the Pixie controller to whatever you currently have in your sequences. If you are using a mix of LOR purchased sequences and your own, you will need to make sure they are the same. http://www1.lightorama.
  6. Nope. Just know about the LOR RegWipe program they have.
  7. For one sequence, that looks right. The CFG file controls when the show runs. The SEQ and MP3 for the sequence are there. It's the same song you picked from before, right? It only goes to the location you picked the sequence from. So if you chose it from "Sequences" then it goes to your "Sequences" directory. However, if you chose it from "Sequence2020-001" then it goes to Sequence2020-001. Did you attempt to run the SD card in the Director after it was done? If you have, and the show/sequence doesn't play, you might need the help desk folks to chime in on this one.
  8. Short of a Registry Wipe, I don't know a way to clear out the contents of what would be found in the LOR Network Preferences. You'd just need to edit them to line up with what you have now. I'm assuming you've already changed them in your Preview.
  9. https://www.lorfaq.com/lor-file-extensions/ It's the Show File. You don't edit it by hand. It's created/Modified in the Show Editor.
  10. As I mentioned in my first reply, you are creating the show in the Show Editor to see what problems might be there. You don't copy them to the SD card. If I understand you correctly, you created a show with the Show Editor, and no errors were found, correct? My next suggestion would be to create a via the Hardware Utility -> MP3 tab. Btw, your profile says you are on 5.5.16, but you mention you are using 4.3.18. Thus I'm going to make this for 4.3.18. If you are using S5 .. then don't try this. Open the Hardware Utility and click on the MP3 tab. When show plays: Anytime
  11. Did you create the show in the Show Editor yet? Did it give you any errors?
  12. Jim, the .SEQ files are what is written to the SD card. Lee, I would go to the Show Editor and build your show there. Why? You will be alerted if there are any errors with the sequence and/or media file. My hunch is that something with the sequences and media isn't lining up.
  13. Don

    RTG Sequence

    Online would be one place. The Preview window in the Sequencer would be the other. Again, all sequences in S5 have a Preview. It's where everything is defined, etc. If you open a sequence that you don't have a Preview for, then the Sequencer will import a Preview for you. (Preview does not equal video in the Sequencer.) http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.5.16/help/preview_design.htm If you order the "You Can Modify" versions, you would be able to see the programming inside of the Sequencer.
  14. Don

    RTG Sequence

    The RTG sequences are sold in a Protected state. They will open in the Sequence Editor, but you won't be able to see the events (programming) in the sequence. All S5 sequences will have a Preview. Even if it's an imported Preview from the sequence you bought. You could see what the programming is going there. But you still wouldn't be able to see the programming (actual events, fade/on/off, etc. of the sequence.
  15. It's something I've considered offering, but never have. Not sure if anyone else out there does.
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