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  1. 3rd year with LOR display, first year with a spiral tree. Spacing could stand some improvement, but it's OK for this year.

    Like all of my sequences, there's room for improvement.

    Sorry for the poor audio, I recorded it sitting in my truck late last night.  And yes, I know there are 2 strings out on the roof line that I will be working on today.


  2. Last year was our first year having strobes, only had 10 LEDs.  I noticed when first on, they flashed in unison for a second or two and then began to flash randomly.  I read that, for LED strobes, if you "prime" the sequence at a low intensity for about half a second before fully on, they should start flashing randomly.  I haven't tested this yet.  Will it work?

    This year, we're adding 40 more LED strobes plus 10 xenon strobes. Will "priming" damage the xenon strobes?

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