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  1. I noticed that there's a link to the winners on the Christmas videos 2015 page.
  2. 3rd year with LOR display, first year with a spiral tree. Spacing could stand some improvement, but it's OK for this year. Like all of my sequences, there's room for improvement. Sorry for the poor audio, I recorded it sitting in my truck late last night. And yes, I know there are 2 strings out on the roof line that I will be working on today. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwFRygaEu5wkNmEtSUxWbERqQVk/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. I use releasable zip ties. Never have to worry about accidentally cutting a cord and they keep the cord bundles neat and together.
  4. What level is your software? S4 Basic will only control up to 2 controllers.
  5. Can you please send me the link? Thanks in advance
  6. 18 ft, 16 channel spiral tree. Never built a spiral tree before, so this should be fun .... hopefully.
  7. Maybe it's the song you're sequencing. The scroll wheel didn't work when I was working on my Frozen mix earlier this week, but it works now that I'm working on an Elvis song.
  8. Thanks to all for the input. Unfortunately, I've already purchased the additional strobes, so I'm stuck with what I have this year. I'll just have to watch where I step.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I'm hoping that alternating LEDs and xenon on the string will help with randomizing the flashing somewhat, but I'll definitely be replacing the LEDS with xenon next year. Or least as many as we can afford.
  10. Last year was our first year having strobes, only had 10 LEDs. I noticed when first on, they flashed in unison for a second or two and then began to flash randomly. I read that, for LED strobes, if you "prime" the sequence at a low intensity for about half a second before fully on, they should start flashing randomly. I haven't tested this yet. Will it work? This year, we're adding 40 more LED strobes plus 10 xenon strobes. Will "priming" damage the xenon strobes?
  11. I think the view count is from videos viewed through the Lightorama Christmas2015 YouTube channel and watching through the Lightorama website doesn't add to the view count. BTW, watched your video (through YouTube channel) this morning. Great job!
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