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  1. Thanks Matt! I have already made a preview for each, AND made sure the prop channels were in no other preview that would be used!
  2. I have three props that have been all lumped together in a single sequence that have been playing in the background tab for some years now. Mostly signage. I want to separate the three into individual sequences, and move them to the animation tab and play concurrently so I can shut 2 off during the shutdown phase. Would this be taxing for an older not the best in the world speed wise computer to be running essentially 4 different sequences at the same time during a show? Controllers are packed away so I can't test out the question myself, hoping someone knows the answer.
  3. A little update, He (we) put lights on 6 wireframe tree props! At first we was kind of uninterested, but as we finished the second one he really started to get interested. These 6 trees will be grouped together on one side of the display and I will be making a "Dayton's Forrest" sign. By the time we finished the last one, he was wanting to know when we will be putting up the display! Thanks again for all the input!
  4. We have been befriended by a neighbor's 10 year old. Comes over and spends several hours every day while the parental units are at work. They call back and forth several times a day so they know he is ok and he has permission to be at our place. Wife and I were not able to have kids, so I am out of my league here. He seems to want to help with things and asks a gazillion questions! Seems like an intelligent little fella. The questions Is 10 years old, almost 11, to young to help build props and things (being heavily supervised of course). Does a 10 year old bean pole type kid really eat everything in sight? LOL! He is an eating machine!
  5. Keith, For an A/C controller, in hardware utility, select the controller you want to set to 87 percent, then at the bottom hit the config tab, then change the intensity range max setting from 100 to 87 percent, then hit update unit. Hope that helps! Make sure you mark it somehow that you have changed it to 87 percent so you won't forget and wonder in the future why your controller doesn't have full output!🙂 Hope this helps! Where in northeast Florida are you? We are in Jacksonville! Bob
  6. Didn't think I would use them as much as I do! Thank you for this addition guys! It is making my life easier!
  7. True, just seems it would be easier (at least for me) to be able to click location with mouse, tap a key and be done. usually have a hand resting on keyboard anyhow, mouse is three clicks with select spot, right click, scroll to the insert timing, and click again. Keyboard short cut would let me click spot, tap key and done. Doesn't seem like much difference, but putting in a ton of timing marks for the drum sticks on my drum prop, and I am lazy sometimes😇. 21 timing marks in a six second area! Just hoping it was doable
  8. I am messing with the keyboard preferences and key maps. I have created a custom keyboard map, and I would like a keyboard shortcut to insert a timing mark. I can't seem to find that option. There is copy timing, and paste timing, but no insert timing. Is there a way to do this? It is not mentioned in the help section that I can find. Thanks for any help!
  9. Well heck, saw your post about McAfee and tried it. Completely fixed the show computer in the shed. Gonna take Phil Masseys suggestion and K6ccc Jim's plus one and delete McAfee on both and go with just defender! Thanks for letting us know what you found!
  10. I have the problem on two machines, the one in the shed is much worse, and is the show computer. If I try to run the lights with sequencer on the show machine the lights will pause with the graphics, but not when running a show. The machine I use to sequence with in the house the pause is not as pronounced, but it is there. Up until last August or so, I I can't recall having this issue with either machine. I even upgraded the hard drives on both computers to an SSD and that didn't help. Graphic drivers have been updated, Audio drivers are updated. I have just been putting up with it when sequencing. I don't know if this info helps or not, the machine it is worse on is using 1 monitor, and I don't have the preview/visualizer window active on that one. The machine in the house that is less pronounced, I have a dual monitor set up with Sequencer on one and the preview/visualizer on the second. If I remember right the problem started after a big windows update, but that might have been a coincidence!
  11. All mine have been doing this for some time now, new sequences, old sequences, all drivers are updated, tried the three different levels of playback also. one computer is worse than the other, but both do it, has been for I think the last three versions of 5. Doesn't matter if you are controlling the lights or not for me, and if you are controlling the lights with sequencer, the lights have that same pause. Both machines also have an SSD drive. Luckily if you make a show, and use scheduler it works without the pausing. Also the only thing installed on the one that is the worst, is LOR, MS office, and the server connector. Don't think that there is something running in the back ground that is messing with LOR. All music is run through audacity, and saved constant bit rate, and 128kbs. All sequences are on the machines themselves, not on a cloud or common drive. I was trying to track this down last year also
  12. Kurt! Thank you so much! This looks really good, Now I have a new project!
  13. I would really like to see a few pictures, would be a perfect size to fill a gap I have. The song was awesome!
  14. AMEN TO THAT! Spot on advice right there!
  15. LOL! Had to google PEBKAC errors, happens a lot here!
  16. You got this, Once you get past the learning curve S5 is awesome!
  17. December 26th, is always our last night, then teardown starts the 27th for us.
  18. Thank you Jim, your last line is what I needed to know.
  19. Jim, I DID read it, that is why the question. It says the back ground starts when the show starts and ends when the show ends. So let me rephrase, Does the show INCLUDE the start up and shut down, or just the animation and musical. It does NOT say that! This is the only thing that is said about background on LOR's online manual. Doesn't say a thing about whether background runs during start up and shut down, hence the confusion on my part. I have already put my controllers away for the year or I would play with it to see The Background Section When a show is started (at a time determined by the schedule), all of the sequences in the show's background section will start playing, simultaneously. When such a sequence reaches its end, it will simply loop back to its beginning and keep playing. All of these sequences will continue playing in this way until the show ends (also at a time determined by the schedule).
  20. You would think after 6 years I would have figured this out, but a few questions on show editor as I have confused myself between background and animation. 1: Background anything placed here runs the entire time correct? Does this include both startup and shut down? 2: Animation runs the entire time but does not include start up and shut down? Feeling old and stupid this morning and trying to track down a gremlin......
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