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  1. Kurt! Thank you so much! This looks really good, Now I have a new project!
  2. I would really like to see a few pictures, would be a perfect size to fill a gap I have. The song was awesome!
  3. AMEN TO THAT! Spot on advice right there!
  4. LOL! Had to google PEBKAC errors, happens a lot here!
  5. You got this, Once you get past the learning curve S5 is awesome!
  6. December 26th, is always our last night, then teardown starts the 27th for us.
  7. Thank you Jim, your last line is what I needed to know.
  8. Jim, I DID read it, that is why the question. It says the back ground starts when the show starts and ends when the show ends. So let me rephrase, Does the show INCLUDE the start up and shut down, or just the animation and musical. It does NOT say that! This is the only thing that is said about background on LOR's online manual. Doesn't say a thing about whether background runs during start up and shut down, hence the confusion on my part. I have already put my controllers away for the year or I would play with it to see The Background Section When a show is started (at a
  9. You would think after 6 years I would have figured this out, but a few questions on show editor as I have confused myself between background and animation. 1: Background anything placed here runs the entire time correct? Does this include both startup and shut down? 2: Animation runs the entire time but does not include start up and shut down? Feeling old and stupid this morning and trying to track down a gremlin......
  10. I seem to remember at one time in preview that you could layer props that were on top of each other, I.E. send to back, or bring to front. Did that go away? or am I thinking incorrectly, or maybe I just can't find it now?
  11. Another quick question. In S5 when adding the Pixie 4 to a preview, the most allowable pixels per port is 100, not 170. How do I fix that?
  12. First off, It is working correctly as far as I know, just trying to wrap my head around this new controller, and pixels in general. For this year I am VERY new to pixels and am only using one port on my Pixie 4, with a whole whopping 82 or so pixels. It is also the last controller in my line, number wise. Here is where I am getting confused, and the more I read, the more confused I become. Please tell me if My thinking is correct, or if I am wrong. 1) If I set it to be controller 9, Which it currently is, then ONLY port 1 is 9? Port 2 would be 0A, Port 3 would be 0B, and Port 4
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