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  1. I hadn't shared any of our videos because I cheated on LOR with a different software... However, I'll still let you all enjoy! This was my favorite song from this year! Hope you all enjoy as much as I did!
  2. It's never to early to share a teaser for our 2019 show right?! 😂 I'll finally be 100% pixels for 2019!!!
  3. Great choice! Can't wait to see it make it's way into the show!
  4. Ahhh, that makes sense! I'll get that adjusted tonight. Then my life will be so much easier. lol Ohhhhh, I had no idea that's what "channel conflict" meant. I thought "channel conflict" was like two props on the same channel or something along those lines... (I'm still a bit new to this I guess!)
  5. The background animation does have all of the channels in my show even though they are not being used... (I think.) - I just did the normal setup, and only turned on the tune to signs... Everything else just stays turned off. . .
  6. Thanks! I work REALLY hard to keep it a nice clean set up. (I also try to keep all the cables and extension cords hidden as best as I possibly can!) - I want the display to be nice, but not "in your face!" So I'm glad you think it's the right amount! I don't think it is a channel overlap issue, because the show runs perfectly fine using the "Simple Show Builder" it just becomes an issue with the normal show editor, and scheduler. Ask and ye shall receive! Those are the only two videos I have of this years show so far. Loo
  7. So I finally got around to getting a short video done of the strobing issue I was talking about. (It is most noticeable towards the end of this video) - Again, I have no idea what is causing this. When I run the show with the simple show builder this doesn't happen, but if I use the normal show builder and schedule editor... This is the results. Every pixel does the effect it should... It just strobes while doing the effect. Any advice on what could be causing this, or how to fix it?! Thanks!!
  8. Wow!!! Looks awesome!!! I loved Nutrocker!! Great job!
  9. The first thing I thought of was a snowflake "field" like several of these: http://www.holidaycoro.com/CoroFlake-SnowFlake-p/129.htm randomly placed throughout the blank space! You could even mix in a few stars to change things up a bit! http://www.holidaycoro.com/RGB-Coro-NorthStar-Holdman-p/46.htm
  10. For now I am using "Movie Maker" on my computer for the video editing. (I'm looking for a better program, and a better camera... But taking it one step at a time!) I had one camera set up on a tripod, and I had each song as the only song playing on the simple show builder. So I would record in one location, and as the show was restarting I'd get the camera set up in a new position. I was going to add in drone footage as well, but my drone was having some technical issues... So there will be drone footage of the other 11 songs coming soon!
  11. Thanks! Thanks you! -------------------------- Our second video is now up "The House On Christmas Street!" Hope you all enjoy!
  12. Hey all, So I'm running S5, and found an interesting issue... and I have NO idea what is causing it. I'm going to do my best to explain this, and if need be I can record a video of it tomorrow. So when I do the "simple show builder" to run the show everything works perfectly! However... as soon as I use the show editor, and the scheduler, and enable the show... The entire show runs normally (Like correct patterns on the pixels and such...) However, any pixel that is on strobes at 100% brightness while doing the normal programmed effects... We tried unplugging all of the controllers
  13. It's right at 25ft tall! ------------------------------------------------------------- Well the show officially started tonight!! I'll have more videos as time goes by... But for now here is our "Best Of Star Wars" (Music By: Tom BetGeorge) Let me know what you think! (aside from the fact I clearly need a better camera)
  14. Sounds like I need to get to work figuring this out! Thank you all! I knew you all would have an answer for me!
  15. ^ How do I know how long to make the sequence, and will the animation sequence turn off when the show goes from "show mode" to static display?
  16. After our MAJOR issues we had with the heat in the attic killing several props... We decided to play it safe and keep them inside. So we have dedicated one of the spare bedrooms in the house to the light show. All of our props get taken down and stored in that room. Obviously this is not the ideal situation... However we are currently in making plans for building our next house which will feature a 3,000 sq ft climate controlled walkout basement for storing and maintaining the props!
  17. Hey all!! Quick question for you!! - This is my first year using light up (AC channel) "Tune To:" signs.... And I'm wondering how I can go about having them always on (and not flash off and come back on at the end of each song) and NOT stay on well after the show stops?? Never worked with these, and never tried to do something like this so I have no idea how to make this happen!! So any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, ~Matt
  18. Controller: The tree has 3 - 16 channel E 1:31 controllers powering the tree. 1 strand of 100 pixels per output for a total of 48 strands on the tree. The star is powered by a separate E 1:31 controller. Again, 1 strand of lights per output and the strands range from 20-70 pixels in length. (The star wasn't having any noticeable issues) Network: Unicast E 1:31, IPv4 protocol network, all hardwired. Computer to one main switch, and a sub switch for the tree only. Network Speed: 100 Mbps from the computer. Switches are capable of 10/100/1000 Mbps. During this setup when we were
  19. Hey all!! Running S5 for the first time... Plus this is my first time using our massive pixel tree... and I've noticed there is a "glitch" for lack of better term on the tree. If you watch the below video (pay attention to the tree...) You'll notice how the pattern isn't "smooth" there's a lot of "jagged edges" (for lack of better term) on the edges of the pattern... I have NO idea what is causing this. In the previewer/visualizer it runs super smooth. We have also noticed some "glitches" with the show. Every now and then the entire show (pixels) will freeze whatever they
  20. Finally got around to getting the videos for this years Halloween show done!! Check them out!! ANY feedback is GREATLY apprericated!! (Other than the fact I need to get a new camera for recording these videos!!) Hope you all enjoyed, and thanks!
  21. We actually had the same thing happen last night! These neighbrors were out walking and asked "Oh wow! You guys have a lot going on! Is there anything we can do to help?" - So we let them untangle a knot of extension cords. ? (I doubt they will ever ask if they can help again!) As for rude comments, we got a LOT of rude comments our first year or two... But not such much any more. Now everyone who comes by when we are out working says something along the lines of "Oh my gosh!! I'm so excited that it's almost that time of year again!! We can't wait to see your lights!! They are the best i
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