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  1. What type of speaker works best with the Showtime Central and FM Transmitter... I know it has a standard headphone jack, but all the outside speakers I am finding do not have these type of inputs on them.. Any ideas greatly appreciated!!! GOOD LUCK WITH ALL YOUR DISPLAYS This year!!!
  2. Thank you all so much for your help with sequencing.... 2 questions--- 1. I have 6 songs that when I try to put in my show on the Simple Show Builder, It will not add them.. it says there is nothing there.. but I can see it.. so I know it is.. any ideas on how to fix it?? If not I will leave these songs out... 2. I have a Showtime Controller,,, What kind of external speaker will I need so people walking by can hear the music??? It's almost GO time... I'm so very excited.. Congrats to everyone who is ready to go and your displays will bring a smile to the face
  3. HI ALL!!! Newbie this year... and I have 16 channels right now.... if you have any you are willing to share to help me get started... I actually bought 3 and have done 1 myself... but has taken me quite a while...still trying to figure it all out.... I need to know where to get the music files too.... This is just so overwhelming from Mr. Christmas where I just plugged stuff in.. My email is andismom529@yahoo.com Thank you all in advance!!!
  4. I"m working on watching the tutorials now... Thank you for the advice.. I will keep going through them and hopefully it will all click in my brain and soon!! Time is running out!!!!
  5. Ok.... I've figured out how to sequence my own song.. YEA ME!!! BUT it has taken me a while.... So I decided to purchase a few already done sequences from LOR so I have enough songs for our first holiday display using this program..... BUT.. I dont know what to do with them... We just bought 1 controller with 16 channels.. I dont know how to change these so that it knows it is only 16 channels... And I have a picture of my house already loaded for my other song.. so I know where my lights are going to be....I think I will buy a few more but I dont know what to do with them once I have them?
  6. During the sale I got my controller... 16 channel.... Excited.... I got my software license.... YEA!!!! I look at software.... CRY..... I have no idea where to even start..... I tried the demo and couldn't even figure out how to make that work.... I just don't know if I'm going to be able to do this... Please tell me I'm not the only person who felt this way when they started and any advice on how to begin to figure it all out.... Did I buy enough software licensing?? I see it says 2 tracks.. does that mean only 2 songs??
  7. HELP!!!! We are looking to upgrade our light display to a Light O Rama Display... Can you help me decide between the Residential Series 16 channel package and the Showtime Central Starter Package. There is a obvious difference in price and I'm trying to figure out which would be better for us. What are the difference in the two packages? We have always done Mr. Christmas light displays, but are ready to take our lights to the next level...... I'm sure that I"m going to have lots of questions as we move forward but figure if we start soon, I will have plenty of time to get it all ready!!!
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