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  1. Just look in this section, if you see any you like all you do is ask and if its still being shared you'll get a reply. JR
  2. Text me a link to what you are looking at. You have my number LOL remember .5 v wont travel as far. JR
  3. My friend, I use LOR or Rextin mainly. Both of those are low power. JR
  4. There is also one more possibility. Ensure yoi have screwed up (counter clockwise) The terminal lug. As you turn you will see the little plate go down. If you do not do that you can still get a connection and have lights if the wire is not sandwiched in between the metal plates but you will have bad light results. Some people fail to realize that. From the factory they are turned all the way up to the top. You have to turn them all the way down, insert wire and then turn up. but I will see your wiring and lights JR
  5. I need a pic of your wires going to the green connectors The pigtail end Uour light string with pigtail and your chip as best as you can Any other pics will help as well Or video JR
  6. What color pigtails, what pigtails and I will shoot yoi a pm with my cell if you can send me some pics JR If you can PM me or text me pics of the pigtail colors on the controller The light strand ends and the best pic you can get of the chip itself I sent you my cell phone number JR When he sold you the controller did it have pigtails attached? JR
  7. What color pigtails, what pigtails and I will shoot yoi a pm with my cell if you can send me some pics JR
  8. dibblejr


    Just open the sequencer without any music. In far right top corner “previews” add new with the + There is a FB group LOR Users, join that and you will find the summit info. Add controllers and not individual channels, much easier. There may be a thread here but not sure. JR
  9. For your new lights can you see the data chip? You either have the data color order wrong or the strings are backwards. Dont pay attention to normal electrical color order you need to look at the chip. JR add- ensure you have the correct volt pixels. 5v will not work with 12v psu and visa versa
  10. Is it with different songs or just a certain song? Sometimes this type of problem will occur when copying YouTube music or on remade old music. JR
  11. dibblejr


    There is a Light O Rama Users Summit. in April. You may want to Register for it when it opens. JR
  12. dibblejr


    To get the picture in the VIS when you open the vis Create new It will ask you if you want to use an image. Click through that. Ine thing to add- in most cases it will give you an opportunity to resize the image. If you have a file to add a pic Open the file Edit Background Hope this helps Sorry guys, don’t know how the multiple quotes happened. I’m a new user. JR
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