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  1. If all things are equal everything will be the same. I have been doing what you are doing all along. You probably need to set up your NP on the new computer. As far as timing, ensure you are using the same song How I do it from S4 to s5 is email the file/s to myself. Ive never had an issue. But every setting has to be the same. JR
  2. SS Auto faces are not designed for individual prop. The easiest way to sequence singing faces for RGB and have your eyes at the end of sequencing is to sequence it in non RGB rows and then copy paste in to the RGB rows. Singing faces is all I do and my eyes cannot handle the black grid screen, my OCD cannot handle any auto sequencing anything (though papagayo is useful to most). If you have sequences any singing face as long as its the same # of mouth movements they are all interchangeable RGB- AC/ LED and AC/LED - RGB JR
  3. Yes, Pro for the pixie series controller trees since Pro is required for ELOR. Once you get Pro the “enhanced” can be selected in both the HUB and NP. BTW- as enticing as it may seem, DO NOT select 1000k (it also says reserved for Pixcon16). If you do your controller will not play as expected if at all. JR
  4. If you have the S4 Vis of your tree you can import the prop file in to S5. JR
  5. 30% is plenty bright. Every pixel I have are set at 30% Makes Sequencing sort of challenging but worth it. Better recordings and FaceTime quality for you mother to watch from NY JR
  6. I believe Camtasia offers a free trial or a limited feature test version. Zoom may also work on the free version but Camtasia is great Alan- Default pointed me to Camtasia. He makes some great videos with it. JR
  7. Question answered in your previous question. JR
  8. It’s not an”software” compensation (whatever that means) problem. Its learning that not all colors are going to look well with whatever the background maybe. You have to “learn” what looks best in your show. No “color compensation” is going to look good for all. That’s why there is a spectrum. JR
  9. Over and over Wait until you apply it in yoir show and background. Certain colors are very difficult to get. JR
  10. That would be a very long Voice Over. IMO- VOs are the worst for singing faces. I usually fight the sandman for hours while sequencing VOs. I haven’t seen that one shared. JR
  11. You should open a HD ticket on the settings in HU. They are not supporting S4 any more but they may have a solution. A video would help a bunch. If you get a hold of a screen video software and capture a video, that may help me or the HD with this issue. It’s odd behavior. JR
  12. That is correct. A T or other extension cord will work. OP - the “share same channel as” box that Don is referring to is top right side in prop def JR
  13. Phil is the man for these. He's got all of the fun toys JR
  14. One thing, i have always recommended not using the HU to test. In S5 you can also set the color order in the prop definition. so what I would do is 1- set the HU to how you want them. Exit out without looking back. Build a test sequence just lights in and off Red, Green and Blue to check. If that does not work, in S5 go to the prop for that port and select the color order on the left side of the page. You wilL have to do that individually but it should work. In S4 the only option would be through the sequence, painstakingly difficult. Let me Know how my first recommendation works. Prior to 4.4.14 or S5 there were no options other than 1 color order for the entire controller. Leaps and bounds since then. JR
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