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  1. Don’t forget that the animation in which I built you is IMO actually better for singing faces and works with 100+ pixels in S4. It can also be imported in to S5, I have helped other learn how to import an S4 animation to S5. It is also in the S5 help menu JR
  2. Every 3rd hole for outline and every other hole for mouths will get him through. Led/ Incan to RGB JR
  3. No time to read all but if yoi haven’t done so already. If you pull out the Incan to change to LED you may/ will have fitment issues. Ask me how I know. I converted about 16 faces and had the problem. I used electrical tape and most half up for years. I have retired all but 8 of the faces for RGB JR
  4. The OP could use the rectangular 3 RGB nodes per for windows. That’s what I use for my house outline and Windows. Makes going around corners easy. There is also a company that makes the splice couplings (so to speak) for ribbons. Let me look at my bag and tell you who it’s is. It’s been a minute since I purchased them, they were the wring size, but they do have the correct size. Another member and I was trying them out and he also ordered the wrong size but returned them and ordered the correct size. JR
  5. Try inverting the ones that you say are opposite in the preview design. You could also copy and use Paste Special and invert the paste. That is how I sequence my circles. I want them to mirror ea b other in some songs. JR
  6. Remember every software will have a learning curve and if you think S5 is difficult yoi will have a rude awakening with xlights. You can use 2 ports in S5 for the entire prop on a pixie controller. As in xlights you will have to build it custom. You just can’t do it in S4 is what I had said from the beginning. Your main issue in S4 was the prop has more that 50 pixels in a fixture and with that you can build it in the Vis. I built it in the animation for you so you could use it at face value. I will leave xlights alone now. You are just trying to rush the pr
  7. On the contrary, the networks make all of the difference. If its not correct in S4 or S5 or any of the S's you will have no lights on the incorrect network. You can have multiple types of controllers on each network as long as you do not exceed the recommend pixel node count. I have had 4 pixie16's and 40 AC controllers on one network during a computer problem where I lost 10 networks back in 2017. Ran the show like that for 2 days while I rebuilt my networks. His ref is for a Singing Bulb JR
  8. No need for an aux network. ATM he doesnt have enough controllers to require one. He can run a plethora of AC controllers with 1 or 2 pixie16's unless he over loads on pixels. JR
  9. Hmm, I get them from Don. Cleaned out some messages. My Iphone said 84% but it was 100%. The 4’ pumpkin is the same as all others just 4’ The trees I have had forever Got some stuff going on so easier for me to get on a cell right now (back issues) so I stand up more than anything. Once I get on a laptop I will get the pumpkin out. What are the unit IDs you need? It will be S4 so if you need S5 it’s just a quick upload *** For those of you getting GE or Boscoyo singers they are based on 4 mouth movements and you have to do some work to modify to 5 wh
  10. I have shared or created many singing bulbs for people. Both Incan and RGB. The only ones I don’t share with are the people who abused the sharing policy. If you search or post up a request maybe you would receive what your are looking for. I probably have almost every common singing prop available. JR
  11. I answered your PM. Yes you can use 2 ports if you use the custom design. It would be a test because I wasn’t S5 when I started using DMX controllers for my faces and pixel pack. Pixel pack is using pixel strings for multiple props per port Note- you have to label each port. Use a # in front esp for faces. Example : 1 Outline 2 Open Eyes When complete sort by title and then export the grid Config. LORCHaN You will have to do that with each if you want them to all be under the same fixture. Also Group them once done and put the # of nod
  12. If your license info is correct you going to need to go to Pro and if you don’t have it a red RS485HS adapter. NM the red adapter, I see in your other thread you are using a director. JR
  13. My dumb phone error *dip switch Glad it worked. JR
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