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  1. I am trying to figure out how to sequence my 5 row concentric star.  I have mapped out the 240 smart nodes in pixel editor's custom prop definition.  How do I turn on and control the color for the nodes that make up each row of my star?  Do I need a separate channel for each row of stars?  This is my first year with RGB and third year displaying.

  2. This is only my second year and i would like to add RGB leaping arches to my display.  I purchased a Pixcon 16 and have the LOR Editor v3.11.2.  I have no idea where to begin with hooking up the strips and sequencing the arches.  Is there an easy to follow tutorial out there that would help?  Can I even make this work with what I have?


  3. Last year was my first year with a 16 channel incandescent display.  I want to add at least two RGB arches.  I picked up Smart / Pixel RGB LED Strip / Ribbon 30 LEDs/m 10 Pixels/m Waterproof Tube (16ft-6in/5 meter Roll) - 12v / 2811 on sale earlier this year but am totally confused with what I need to connect this to my display.  I used the LOR Show software and the CTB16PC controller to run last years display. The more I research the more confused I become.  Any help directing me as to what I need, how to set it up, and if I can even connect RGB smart arches to my current set up would be greatly appreciated.  I would love to take advantage of the up coming sale if I can.

  4. Started my first year with one LOR controller.  Created a 10 channel mega tree and three 2 channel each mini trees.  Looking to expand next year but want to go rgb pixel with a pixel tree and arches.  I have looked at a lot of online videos but while I understand I need a different kind of controller and power supply i really don't know were to begin or what i need.  Can anyone help me make my shopping list and point me in the right direction?

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