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  1. I also bought several of these. The loose end of the dangle wires into the controller, and the male and female screw together. My packages had this diagram, swhich I have wired into a Pixcon 16. Hope this is helpful. Jim
  2. VERY COOL! I have a grandson that has a similar problem so I can relate...
  3. I've been running a show with an assortment of LOR controllers since 2013 in temperatures down to minus 27F without any problems. All connections waterproof and raised up above ground level with power cord ends treated with dielectric grease. Never had an issue with wind or rain/snow/ice although a hard wind tore up my singing faces and flung them across my yard during the Halloween show. I purchased the dielectric grease at an automotive supply house for a few bucks, one tube lasted three years for my stuff, YMMV. Bare in mind that those plastic power strips are cheap, they are cheap for a reason...they are also susceptible to internal shorting/failure due to cracking and breakage of internal plastic supports and definitely NOT weatherproof. They are also a fire hazard when easily overloaded. I have found that some home improvement stores have a better solution with a short, 10-12", 3 way pigtail that is easily greased and made weather resistant thus avoiding those cheesy plastic power strips. The triple outlet pigtails cost about the same as a power strip without the hazard.
  4. I'm using a Pixcon16, with a 5vdc p/s. Pretty much any pixel controller that can be configured for the WS2801, 5vdc pixels with enough ports.
  5. Yes, very similar in S5, the window for S5 has tabs on the right edge for the Preview, Control Lights and Effects. Be sure PC is running, the Control Lights require the proper boxes to be checked and if LOR, DMX or what any other network you are CURRENTLY wired into and testing IS CHECKED! Otherwise the Control Lights will be disabled. Have fun and good luck. I would also add...upgrading to Pro has great advantages. Jim
  6. In my area, if there is more than a 3 minute pause, they drive off. Some only stay 4-5 minutes max no matter how complex or entertaining the show. In talking with a couple others doing similar shows this seems to be the average at least for the Spokane, Wa. area. We run ours as a continuous program varying 36 to 44 different sequences each day as a looping show from 5pm until 10pm M-F and 4:30-11pm Sat & Sun. We shut down the external audio at 10pm as we have a city "quiet time" mandated at 10pm. From Dec 23 to Jan 1 we run the show until 11:30 with only the FM transmitter on after 10pm and still have visitors stop by that late. Very few stay longer than 4 or 5 sequences which also seems to be what the others experience with their displays. Between parts of sent sequences from others that I have customized for my use and my original sequences, I have a current Christmas pool of 214 possible, arranged in categories of child, modern, comedy and classic. I also have a similar arrangement for Halloween and the Patriotic holidays although those shows are shorter than my Christmas endeavor. Dead air is a killer for any show, I seldom use any "spacers" or fillers for that reason. The audience wants it NOW... so to keep the cars and pedestrians watching, the show has few breaks or DEAD AIR...a lesson learned as a DJ at a Chicago AM station in the late 60's, your audience is your BOSS. In reality, you play to their demands. Jim
  7. I concur with k6ccc, the differences between S4 and S5 are HUGE ! Wait until after the New Year to upgrade....then spend the time with S5 and delving into the land of pixel-mania...yes you can do pixels in S4, just a bit more cumbersome. Regarding S4, there ARE some very good experts here for that help.
  8. Glad to have you join the fun, strait jackets to the left and ignore the crazed looks from the others...lol! ~~ It sounds like you have a good start.~~But you need LIGHTS !!! Think in groups of four, four windows, four trees, or what have you...four 4's equal 16...the number of outlets on an AC controller or groups of four on the controllers you have. Most controllers can be divided by 4. For your consideration, AC lights are the simplest, Dumb RGB - LED strings intermediate complexity and smart pixels the most complex, the LOR networks are fairly easy, and it gets more complex from there with E1.31 (internet) and DMX networking. These forums are FULL of helpful, crazy people that seem to have lost all common sense and do some wonderful things with lights and music. We are all here to help. Jim
  9. I've been using some old Dynex 5 port switches, bought on eBay a few years ago used, $5 ea for our LAN. One has been out in the typically unheated/overheated shed, winter/summer up here in Spokane,Wa. accompanied by the server. One other gets dragged around the yard in a Cable Guard-1500 box for the shows, and a third sits on my desk connected to the LAN, the plotter and printer with the wireless link to the net ...nary a hick-up, burp or sniffle in the last 5 years. If it is outside, protect it with some type of box or cover minimizing connector movement and moisture. In my experience, temperature is the least problematic while the other two, moisture and movement, seem to be the culprits. YMMV Jim
  10. I've always been the jeans and sneakers type, even while working at Boeing and NASA...riding my Harley onto Edwards AFB. It's a clip on tie and a pair of Dockers at dress up time.
  11. 10Y MTBF is awesome for stationary installations...in the entertainment lighting hobby/business we play in, there is an exception because <most> of us remove, package and store our lights and props. Bending and twisting sometimes not as careful as we might otherwise be, thus changing the entire paradigm. One push might be good, but another good shove makes it fit... oops...make a note to fix that later...grrrr. Anyway, DevMike has valid points. Jim
  12. Very interesting analysis. As a retired electrical engineer, I've looked into the mean time between failure on almost every item I have purchased for my shows since 2013 and other lighting projects since 2009. LED technology has made extreme advances during these ensuing years, reliability has vastly improved each year as manufacturing processes have evolved. Purchased items, specifically LED's in various forms, from US distributors like Mouser, with their good warranty and others of that caliber, gave a failure rate of 12% during the 2009-2012 period while items purchased directly via Chinese manufactures during the same period resulted in the same range for the same period. Possible reason...they ALL were manufactured in China. Post 2013, when I became involved with LOR products and more specifically, LED RGB strips, pixel ribbons and pixel nodes, same analysis resulted in approximately 4.5% failure rate, with one exception...RGB strips not pixel strips but the 5050 and similar type ribbons. These are very fragile and do not lend themselves to even moderate flexing without breaking contact points on the contained LED's or the substrate actually breaking due to mechanical work hardening fracture (via Microscopy examination). The failure rate exceeded 14% over 180-5 meter ribbons, (counting both entire strip and segment failure) regarding both domestically and Chinese direct purchases. Bottom line, while I prefer to purchase within the US and expect my suppliers to give some sort of warranty, the higher prices are also a limiting factor and SOMETIMES drive my dollar to a different, offshore source. Yes, a warranty DOES add value as does added connectors and packaging extras however many of us in this hobby/business are able and fully capable in adding our own extras, connectors and so forth. Just a thought, maybe offering ribbons and nodes bare bones, without the extra added stuff might be an added volume route in your business model. Being one of those weird guys that does cost/benefit analysis on their shoestrings, I suppose maybe I'm a bit over critical. Jim
  13. With roughly 8 weeks until Christmas... a VERY short time for a new show, new software, I would suggest just some walmart lights to hang for this year and take the time afterward to learn the differences of the controllers and begin to learn the software...confusion abounds when stress driven...
  14. I know LOR really does not support third party hardware and Mary usually answers the phone, seems strange. The above photos are for that Fairy Light controller which is not an LOR product... and you are trying to use WHICH LOR controller to interface this with?
  15. Maybe a better setup with horizontal rows of 25, more even spacing and follow.
  16. Got it, Thank you. Replied on how similar our builds are. Jim
  17. I'm always looking for new projects to build/assemble/modify. If I may, could you send the list of parts/suppliers? rockhammetr53@ysahoo.com Thank you Jim
  18. Certainly give a warning first...it gets more difficult to be a nice guy these days. I have so many sequences both self generated and from others (about 200 total) since 2013, I have a difficult time telling which is which because they are so co-mingled...hence, I don't share, just being a 70yo grumpy butt. <grin>
  19. As PhilMassey has already stated, S5 has a steep learning curve and it is a big jump from incans to pixels. My suggestion would also be to stay with the earlier version and incans for the rest of this season and start playing with S5 when the pressure is off. Pixels and pixel controllers are much more complex to setup...having said that, the S5 software with make programming pixels easier. Good luck for now. Jim
  20. Which lights are you referring to and a bit more on your configuration would be helpful. Also, how is you S5 Preview set up? What version of Windows? Several possibilities with S5.3, not playing nice in windows for some reason... silence from LOR on what to expect other than something is haywire.
  21. Preview Props and Network Preferences MUST be set correctly, A bit more detail on the types of controllers you are trying to run would be helpful, even a bit more detail on NP setup. You also may want to upgrade to Advanced or Pro for further functionality if you are thinking about pixels. S5 is a very different environment.
  22. I'm running everything from one PC Win7 with the same issues...as my post above... still no joy down grading.Now in retrograde mode... grrrr ...trying to run my Halloween show manually sucks with over 40 sequences.
  23. From the Help Desk...if you are using Windows 7; [A Light-O-Rama help desk staff member has replied to your request, #47XXXX with the following response: We have recently fixed a bug that only occurs with the 5.3 series of LOR software and Windows 7. The fix will be included with the next LOR software release... but I currently don't have an ETA of how soon that will be. So.... the current workarounds include: Update Windows 7 to Windows 10 or roll back the LOR software to version 5.2.4 found at http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/ Sorry for the hassle. We hope this has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please login to your account at the address below for a complete archive of all your help desk requests and responses.] Hope this may be of help. I should note that my issue was with LOR Hub not loading or running my sequences. Jim
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