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  1. So this is my first time putting my own CTB16Kpc together and I've run into a problem. My LED doesn't light up. It did when I first finished putting everything together but I only had control over 3 channels (13, 15, and 16). I unplugged everything and re soldered a lot of the connections hoping that would fix the problem. I was also checking around with a multimeter and the board tipped over and came in contact with the support strip in my box and there were sparks. There is a tiny bit of blackening/damage on the outer connection of the resistor at station 12 but that's all I can find. So bet
  2. Hey guys, So a little background. I am new to the hardware aspect of LOR. I used the software to help my roommate write sequences back in college but never did much on the hard ware end besides helping set up lights. I wanted to get into it for myself so I bought the DIY planet Christmas CTB16PC box. I put it together this last weekend and went to test it this morning. I connected to the computer just fine but when I went to test my lights only channels 13,15, and 16 were working. Having no idea where to start on the hardware side I decided to try to update the firmware first, seemed like t
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