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  1. Thanks Jim, I've tried this and here's what I've run in to. First of all, since I was running on basic and was adding controllers, I upgraded to s5 standard just to make sure it wasn't a software constraint. Brief description of the network is as follows: (3) CTB 16 CHANNEL controllers; 1 green board, and 2 blue boards; all upgraded firmware to latest version (2) CCB100D DMX units; each unit has 2 strands of 50 CCB bulbs Unit 1 is CTB GREEN Unit 2 is CTB Blue Unit 3 is CTB Blue Unit 4 is CCB100 (2-1/2 arches) Unit 5 is CCB100 (2-1/2 arches) Issue #1:
  2. I bought 2 sets (4 strings total, 2 controllers) of the CCB during the clearance sale. I have a 2 part question. Part I: I have been able to individually connect via hardware utility to the ccb controllers and test comms, functionality, etc. They chase, change colors, and all that cool stuff. When I went to the console in the hardware utility and opened up what appeared to be a simulated DMX type test console, nothing happened when I moved the sliders up/down as directed in the instructions. So My question is, how in the world do I program these things. My goal is to have them on c
  3. Could you send them to me please. christopheraycock@yahoo.com. Having to rebuild a show since my laptop went down with all my sequences.
  4. How many channels is the nutrocker? I built a 48 channel and then the laptop that i had all of my sequences on decided it no longer wanted to play so I lost all but 4 of my sequences.
  5. Do you still have these sequences?
  6. I am having an issue when I try to import my MP3 files into the SE. It hangs up, and then software becomes unresponsive. I have to force the shut down of the software and reopen it. Attached is the screenshot of what's happening. Please advise! Windows 7
  7. If it's not too much trouble, would love to add this to my NYE show. christopheraycock@yahoo.com
  8. would like to see this! christopheraycock@yahoo.com
  9. christopheraycock@yahoo.com
  10. My daughter would love this. Thanks for sharing! christopheraycock@yahoo.com
  11. I'd love to add this to our list, if you're willing to share. Time got away from me this year and I wasn't able to build very many sequences. Thanks! christopheraycock@yahoo.com
  12. Yes sir, the one that came on the CD never would install. So I went to LO our website and downloaded the driver from there. Could this be an issue with the software install? This is frustrating to say the least! I have attached screenshots for reference. Thanks.
  13. I downloaded that driver and it still didn't pull up in the device manager as com 3. It's still listed in the USB section of the device manager. When I click auto configure, it scans come 3, but doesn't find a controller so I changed that com to com 9 to test. When I opened HU, it noted the change for com 3 to com 9, but now doesn't recognize it as a viable com.
  14. So instead of trying to navigate through building my own contraption, I ordered the 485 converter. I have installed the driver, and still cannot connect to any of my 3 controllers. I've went through the troubleshooting exercises to no avail. When I connect the converter to my usb port, it automatically pops up searching for driver. It says that it's ready to use. I look in device manager and instead of being in my ports location, it's showing up in my USB controllers location. The hardware utility in LOR software doesn't pick it up when I do an autoconfigure. Any ideas? Windows 7 profes
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