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  1. Thank you to everyone who responded. My desire was to have the pixel placement be as precise as possible. I, thus, was able to develop the following strategy: In Visualizer S4, create a new prop with the required number of pixels (in this case, I did 5 strings of 50 CCR pixels). Through testing, I was able to find that the coordinates of the PSD file and the Visualizer prop file (opened in a text editor) are different by a factor of 15. So, for EACH pixel, I did the following: Using the marquee tool and Info window in Photoshop, I opened my background PSD and got the
  2. Hello, I still use (and intend to continue using) LOR S4 because it works very well to me. In a couple years I will be adding some pixel props using Pixie 16's and Pixels from LOR and the various coro products from HC. As you can see from the image below, I plan to put my pixel props into the visualizer (most are less than 50 pixels per string, and I will use DMX channels for the rest for programming purposes. I have noticed there doesn't seem to be a way to select a single CCR pixel and nudge it (yes, you can drag it with the mouse, which is poorly implemented). I have no
  3. @LightsWithSoul Thank you very much - I appreciate the information!
  4. Also another question - is the plug two prongs or three?
  5. I am trying to make some final decisions before ordering some products. Right now, what I need to know is the dimensions of the Pixie16 controller that comes ready to go. I was provided a photograph of what it looks like but I really need the dimensions. If somebody can take a photo of the controller laying next to a couple rulers (length and width) that would be extremely helpful. The depth (height when laying down flat) doesn't matter. Also, visible in the photo is a metal bracket with three holes, two of which are clearly visible. If you can include the spacing between those two holes
  6. Even more amusing is that if you look at the LOR network speeds page: http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ Scroll down to "Pixel Controllers" and you'll see a blue checkmark in the 1000K column for every type of Pixie device.
  7. I have had a history of strange behaviour with the Pixie2D stand alone functionality. I have a Pixie2D (as the LOR CCC-II) running the most recent firmware (1.05). I have two sets of 100 bullet pixels (100 per output of the Pixie2D). I upload a very simple sequence of color blinking which takes 10,085 bytes (maximum states 100,000 according to the Hardware Utility). The sequence is only 5.6 seconds long, and I've attached the file I'm using. The best way I can describe the issue is that it seems to play more slowly than I program it to, and when it hits the end of the sequence it loop
  8. @dibblejr So it sounds like the general concensus is that I should go the Pixie16 route, and combine networks so I can make my Aux B network a dedicated ELOR for the new pixel controller.
  9. @dibblejr Not sure what NP is, but I run all of my Pixie2 controllers at the 1000K speed (non-enhanced) and they work great. My AC controllers, of course, are set to 500K.
  10. @dibblejr Thank you so much! That is some excellent information. I know that the Pixie controllers support 500K and 1000K, but why your statement that Enhanced is required? By the way - I do have a Pro level license. And yes - if I go with Pixie16, I plan to set the first one at Unit 50 and let the rest be 51-5F (I do understand the hexidecimal numbers). My other three pixel features are done with Pixie2 controllers so I do have that experience. I also work in IT, and LOR has made their products quite friendly. Helps a LOT. -Scott
  11. @Mr. P According to the Network Speeds page, it can: http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ Mine is the USB485-ISO product.
  12. @PhilMassey My current configuration is as follows: Regular Network: North Side Flood Controller (CMB24D), North Side AC Controllers (16 Total), and Garage AC Controllers (3 Total) Aux A: Pixel Controllers (Pixie2 w/ 200 Pixels, Pixie2 w/ 200 Pixels, Pixie2 w/ 100 Pixels) Aux B: South Side Flood Controller (CMB24D) I could change the South Side Flood over to Regular Network (with some creative rewiring) which would then free up Aux B entirely. All three networks are using USB-RS485 Isolated adapter with booster. I would not be running any more than 100 pixels per contr
  13. Believe it or not, my preference for pixel programming is directly within the S4 Sequence Editor. I don't use Pixel Editor or SuperStar at all - I find them limiting to the way I like to program. I have no problem with creating a new network - whether E1.31 or LOR. I just want to make sure I'm doing this the best way possible. Another related question - what is the maximum length of a pixel extension before voltage drop becomes an issue? I was thinking of having my Pixie/Pixcon power pixels on quite a few different features, spread out across my house.
  14. @k6ccc Yes, I am running my show from a computer. My non-pixel networks are running at 500K. My pixel network is running at 1000K non-enhanced (I didn't like the way that the Enhanced network handled the shimmer effect compared to the non-Enhanced networks). How many pixels can be on a single 1000K network - is adding yet another network absolutely necessary? Obviously I want to do this the right way and not have problems later.
  15. I am seeking advice. I am planning to expand my show with features that are decorated with pixels (most of my show is standard string lights). Come the summer sale, I plan to buy a set with a 16-channel RGB smart pixel controller and 16 x 100 pixels. I am currently trying to decide between the Pixie16 and the Pixcon16 option. I know that the Pixcon gets a reputation for being more advanced because it supports E1.31 (which doesn't bother me). I work in I.T. for my full-time job, so working with networks is not a problem for me. My question is - which device will give better performanc
  16. I use the 1000K speed for my Pixie2 controllers and they work great. Also works on the Pixie 4, 8, and 16. Here is the LOR list showing what supports what speeds: http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/
  17. That was it - it was set to 1000K (non-enhanced) for the Pixie. I forgot that the CMB24D didn't support that speed. Dropped it down to 500K and now everything is working properly. Thank you, Jim! Hope all is well with you! -Scott
  18. Hello everyone, Today I brought in my CMB24D so I could start testing my Dumb RGB pixels. In my office, I have my programming computer and a USB485-ISO dual port adapter. In the adapter outputs, I have a cable going to: A Pixie2-based rgb smart pixel star A Pixie2-based rgb smart bulbs (2 x 50) I unhooked the wire to the smart bulbs and plugged in my CMB24D. I have the Comm Listener running, Visualizer on, and my Sequence Editor open with a test sequence. Channels and networks are set correctly. However, the CMB24D constantly flashes red. The Pixel Star, on the o
  19. Thanks to everyone for their responses. What I'll probably end up doing is connecting both sets of dongles (LOR and HC) to the headers of the CMB24D board, and just use what I need for each show. I say that because my Halloween elements are wired to the LOR pinout already. My Christmas show RGB dumb pixels will be from HC because LOR doesn't sell dumb pixel strings. -Scott
  20. Hello everyone, I have a CMB24D controller with the dongles provided by LightORama. I plan to decorate six bushes with dumb RGB bullet pixels. Light-O-Rama doesn't sell dumb RGB pixel strings (otherwise I'd buy them), so I plan to buy the ones from HolidayCoro. I have information on their Pinout (it's the EasyPlug4 configuration) but no information on whether I can use these with the CMB24D without having to wire it differently or fabricate some kind of adapter for the plug styles. Does anyone have experience with this? https://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?ID=171 -
  21. I just finished and posted my trailer for my 2019 show! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au1WOiWLoqw Further Information: Website: http://www.davislights.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davisfamilychristmas/ Enjoy!
  22. Good morning, I need assistance building a Visualizer fixture. Here are the basic parameters: LOR S4 Version 4.4.4 (Newest Version) Matrix: 83 wide by 18 tall (I am using these numbers because I am changing an existing coro Tune-In Sign) Hardware: PixCon16 with 16 x 100 bullet pixels. I will be using 15 of the 16 outputs where each output is one DMX universe. First pixel will be at upper left of matrix. I will then go in a horizontal zig zag pattern, using all 100 pixels for each output. This is a complete list of what it will look like: Row 1 - Left to Right, DMX
  23. Right now I am basically prepping and experimenting; I haven't actually purchased anything yet. My plan is to purchase and use one of these: http://store.lightorama.com/12v16bupipaw3.html
  24. Yeah, that's why I was using the custom setting. I'll probably just put in a ticket with LOR support.
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